The Best Gutter Guard for Brookside

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“I got Gutter Cover 20 years ago. They have worked great and I haven’t ever cleaned them or anything. No water in the basement since then either.” – Andrea W. 


Ready to get the perfect Gutter Guard for your Brookside home? Our consultations are short, to-the-point and free. When you meet with us, you’ll get a thorough inspection of your guttering system and a custom plan to stop guttering problems forever.

A Gutter Guard Made For Brookside

Gutter Cover KC®’s Advantage Gutter Guard ® is a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter guard.

Made for Brookside Trees: A Solid Gutter Guard = Permanent solution. Our guard keeps out large maple leaves and maple seeds, pine needles, oak tassels, flowers, squirrels, birds and anything else Brookside’s luxurious trees can throw at it. Included is a Lifetime Warranty that your gutters will never clog.

Made for Brookside Weather: Third-party tested to handle 3 x the water volume of a typical Brookside rainstorm and to support gutter under the weight of 12 feet of snow.

Made for Brookside Aesthetic: Advantage Gutter Guard ® is patented for both K-Style and Half-Round Gutters. It’s available in 33 colors and pure copper. It’s designed to work with all roof types – Tile, Concrete, Metal, Wood, Composition – you get the idea. This means you can do anything with our gutters and gutter guard – traditional, modern, historical – whatever your style, we’ve got you covered!™

Local & Family Owned: 21 Years of Award-Winning Customer Service with Thousands of Satisfied Customers in Brookside & KC Metro.


How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost in Brookside?

It’s impossible to give a proper quote without seeing a home in person. Linear footage is much different than square footage. Surprisingly, a large home might not have as many linear feet as a small home.

What we can tell you is this: The value you receive will outweigh the cost. You will receive an honest price upfront and in a timely manner. We know our product is essential for many homes so we keep our prices fair. We also offer great financing options including 0% interest for 18 months.

Advantage Gutter Guard ® will help prevent roof rainwater from flooding your basement, damaging your foundation, rotting your soffit, and molding your drywall.

This one purchase can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

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Customer Experience

“New gutters and covers look awesome and priced well. Their cover brackets are aluminum vs plastic on the more expensive competitors.” Jim H.

What To Expect When Meeting With Gutter Guard Consultants

Our consultations are completely free and educational. Plan on it taking an hour or less.

What you get:

A thorough 21+  point inspection of your guttering system.

Our specialty trained team will make sure that your gutters are in top-performing condition before installing Advantage Gutter Guard®.

We Will Evaluate:

Re-directing downspouts – even installing underground drains.

Repairing rotten soffit and fascia

Replacing rusted or corroded gutters.

Re-sloping gutters

Amazingly this can all be done in an hour or less in most cases.

Do you have to be there in person?

Not exactly, however, our consultants want to address your individual questions and unique issues. To get the real value from our consultation it is recommended to meet with our experts in-person to provide your experience with your gutter system and also so our consultants can provide insights and solutions.

If you need to meet over video conference or phone we can do that too.


Customer Experience:

“After soliciting quotes and services from virtually every company in the Overland Park area, my wife and I chose Gutter Cover Kansas City as our selection for a complete gutter replacement. When our inspector, Chad Wiggins, visited our home for a quote, we knew that there was something special about this company. Rather than a quick walk-thru and generic quote, Chad spent more than an hour looking at every part of our gutter and drainage system. He provided us with a frank and honest assessment with several options to consider.”- Gary Cole

Check out our guide on what to look for when shopping for gutter guards.

Precise Gutter Guard Installation

Our craftsmen are dedicated to providing quality service and gutter guard installation to protect your Brookside home.  We make sure the job is done right by:

Constantly training and performing quality checks.

Teaching our team to respect your home and property.

Always leaving the site clean.

Keeping our team fully licensed and insured.

“On the day of the installation, the technicians arrived precisely on time. They were polite, courteous, and professional. The job was completed with such speed, and the colors they selected matched our home so perfectly that I was shocked that they were already finished before the end of the day. The entire experience with Gutter Cover Kansas City was amazing. I cannot recommend them enough, and they will always have my thanks for a job well done.” – Gary Cole

A Green Gutter Guard

We love Brookside and we love our planet! So we recycle old guttering material and the new installation is done with recyclable materials.

Secondary production (aluminum produced from recycled material) saves more than 90 percent of the energy required to produce primary aluminum.

The recycling of copper requires up to 85% less energy than primary production. Around the world, this saves 40 million tonnes of CO2 annually and the equivalent of 100 million MWh of electricity.

Exclusive Silent Spout® Downspouts

SILENT SPOUT ® is an exclusive product designed by the same team as Advantage Gutter Guard ®. It has been proven to reduce downspout rain noise by 50%. Our customers have certainly noticed the difference!

For a limited time, Silent Spout ® downspouts are included with your purchase of Advantage Gutter Guard®.

Get Peace of Mind

Our highly-trained team of rainwater experts will make sure you’ll never have to worry about your gutters again.