It’s Fall! A Time to Enjoy, Not A Time To Clean Your Gutters!

Don’t you love Missouri in the Fall?

“It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” – You’ve Got Mail

There’s so many reasons to love the Fall. Stunning scenery, football, apple cider, pumpkin bread, hay rides, corn mazes, bon fires, that crisp feel of the air…we could go on…and I’m sure you could too.

Really the only frustrating thing about Fall is cleaning up the leaves – especially those that fall into the gutters.

Cleaning out fall leaves

Want to take all the gutter cleaning frustration out of fall, and just simply enjoy it? 

Meet a few individuals who decided to do just that years ago:

No More Fall Gutter Cleaning Worries!

Mr. Duffy had the idea of eliminating Fall gutter cleaning frustrations 12 years ago.

He says, “I first used Gutter Cover of KC® in 2008 to install gutter covers on our home.  They were able to install them on everything but our patio cover as it had an oddly designed and non-conforming gutter.  The gutter covers have performed perfectly but we continued to have ongoing issues with clogging in the patio cover gutter.  We recently replaced our patio cover and asked Gutter Cover to install a conforming gutter and downspouts along with gutter cover on the new patio cover.  Now we are enjoying the same non-clogging gutter on our patio…..Thank you Gutter Cover of Kansas City.  The work was performed professionally and ahead of anticipated scheduling!”

The McEwen’s were tired of the risk of climbing a ladder to clean their gutters.

“I am so glad that my husband for the past 2 years has not had to climb a ladder and clean out the gutters of all those items that are caught in them.  I don’t have to worry about the ladder not being level and tipping over or standing underneath holding the ladder getting who knows what all over me as he cleans them out.  I don’t hear birds or squirrels in the gutter either so they are not getting blocked up like we have had in the past with the water spilling over the top due to the nest.  The gutters still look great and the covers still work like they are suppose to.  Thanks Gutter Cover for installing these on our home.  Looking forward to having clean gutters for years to come and my husband having his 2 feet remain on the ground.”

The Stenelli’s found themselves cleaning their gutters during every Fall rain.

Mrs. Stenelli relates, “We’ve had our gutter covers installed since last Fall (2016). The whole process was easy and fast.

Our issue: We have a lot of mature trees, so all the leaves would gather in our gutters frequently. My husband went outside to unclog the gutters too often as well. All the leaves created a lot of over pour and it seemed our gutters didn’t even exist. Every time it rained, my husband would be out there unclogging them. It was definitely a pain for him but he hasn’t had to go outside to unclog them since! Great service, quality product and fast installation!”

Mr. Ellis has a home surrounded by large trees, but he’s not stressed about his gutters for several years.

He explains, “Gutter Cover has been a wonderful company to work with.  They have been responsive and proactive to help me as needed.  The original installation has worked very well for several years on our home that is surrounded by large trees. Recently I needed then to remove and reattach the gutter cover so we could re-roof the house after some hail damage.  They quoted the work quickly for our adjuster, removed and safely stored the cover, they followed up regularly to plan the re-installation and most impressively, Zach worked with much detail to make sure all the gutters were operating as efficiently as possible as he finished the project. Thank you all for the delivering excellence in every aspect of your company!”

Enjoy All The Things There Are To Love About Fall

Next year you could have the same experience as Dustin Smith who reports, “Installed the gutters guards a year ago. So far they have done wonders. They came out today to verify everything is still working.  Very pleased and would recommend.”

Forget the ladder and the stress this year! Give Gutter Cover KC® a call, and completely enjoy every fall for the rest of your lifetime!