Conductor Heads Used as Part of Guttering Systems Add Architectural Beauty

Conductor Head as part of gutter system
Conductor Head as Seen from Street

Conductor heads add a nice finishing touch to a gutter system as you can see in these pictures of a home where we installed The Gutter Cover™ along with conductor heads.  Conductor heads, also known as leader heads, scupper boxes, gutter heads or rainwater collectors, are often used as architectural features on a building.  They add a historic touch of class or flair to ordinary guttering.  If detail and design are what you are looking for, conductor heads may be the answer.

In addition to beauty, conductor heads are useful to direct and channel water from a through-wall scupper to a downspout/leader.  They can also serve as a catch basin to channel water from a roofline that forms a narrow valley leaving little room for standard gutter. They help catch excess water in such a difficult roof configuration.                                                                    

Installed Conductor Heads with The Gutter Cover
Close Up View of Conductor Heads


For more information regarding conductor heads and additional gutter accessories please give us a call at 816-246-7881.  As the area’s leading gutter solution experts, we will be happy to assist you with all your guttering needs.