Stunning Copper Gutter & Gutter Protection

Ever Consider Copper Guttering or Gutter Protection?


The element copper has been in use for the past 10,000 years. In addition, more than 97% of copper mined, has been extracted since the 1900s. In modern times this element is being used for wiring, electric motors, architecture, in ships, and of course jewelry. While it has many uses, Gutter Cover KC® enjoys using it to protect homeowners, while adding a stunning addition to their home. This project in Kansas City was finished by installing beautiful copper accents.

Home with copper gutter cover

Copper might be a rare sight to see for gutter material. Yet, it is possible as both gutter and in our gutter protection product.

copper gutter being ran out   copper gutter and gutter cover     kansas city home with copper gutter and gutter guard

The Copper material used in this installation of guttering and gutter protection does not rust or rot and handles the weather elements very well. It would be hard to find a more visually enhancing product. To find out more about the risks and benefits of copper materials for a homeowner.


If your looking for an estimate on the copper gutter or copper gutter guards please give us a call today!