Composite Deck Restoration In Kansas City

Gutter Cover Kansas City® takes pride in enhancing the outdoor living experience for homeowners in the vibrant metro of Kansas City. Our dedicated team is delighted to introduce a new dimension to home improvement by offering top-notch deck renovation services. 

Transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment with our specialized expertise in composite deck materials. Our team at Gutter Cover Kansas City® understands the importance of a well-maintained and visually appealing deck, and our commitment is to provide unparalleled craftsmanship to elevate your home’s aesthetic while ensuring durability and a low maintenance future.

Trust us to bring your deck to life and create a seamless blend of beauty and functionality that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Ready to start your deck restoration project and transform your old deck into something new? We are here to help!


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Why did Gutter Cover KC® decide to start doing deck restoration? 

Our clients value both the beauty and functionality of their outdoor living spaces. They take pride in their homes and want decks that not only look stunning but also combat the effects of rain and weather in a low-maintenance way. We’ve seen firsthand how quickly rain and weather can diminish the allure of traditional wood decks, requiring constant maintenance to keep them looking their best. That’s why we offer composite decking and aluminum railing. These materials combine the classic aesthetics of wood with unmatched durability and weather resistance. This ensures our clients get the beautiful, low-maintenance decks they desire, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor havens for years to come without the hassle of constant upkeep.

What to expect at a decking estimate 

We will evaluate your current deck and frame and go over options with different brands and colors of composite decking material.  Sample materials will be available for consideration. After the evaluation and a material choice is complete, we will go to work building a quote.  Depending on the size and scope of work we typically can put together an estimate with some options, within three days.  There is no pressure to buy on the spot because we guarantee our price for 30 days.    

What type of composite deck does Gutter Cover Kansas City® offer?

We have all brands and colors available – many composite decking brands have various levels of product colors and designs to choose from.

What is Gutter Cover KC®’s decking installation process like?

Once all the details are complete such as material type and color, the job is scheduled and materials are ordered for delivery.

Composite Deck Installation Process:

  1. Permit obtained if required by city for the repair or replacement of deck
  2. Dumpster arrives on site- typically set in driveway
  3. Material is delivered – typically in driveway
  4. After dumpster and materials arrive – demolition of old decking materials and railings
  5. Repair or replace current frame – depending on the scope of work
  6. Composite decking material applied
  7. Reinforcement to frame to secure new railing and then installation of powder coated railing system 
  8. Final walk through with homeowner to ensure complete satisfaction

Most decks can be completed in a week to ten working days.

What is Gutter Cover Kansas City®’s Deck Warranty?

We provide a one-year labor and material warranty.  After the first year, each manufacturer has its own product warranty. 


Considering replacing your wood deck with composite decking? Here’s why it makes sense:

Replacing an entire wood deck with composite decking offers several compelling reasons for homeowners seeking an upgrade in their outdoor spaces. First and foremost, composite decking boasts remarkable durability and longevity compared to traditional wood. It is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring a longer lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements. 

Composite materials also offer superior resistance to weathering, fading, and warping, maintaining their appearance and structural integrity over time. Additionally, composite decking is renowned for its eco-friendly attributes, often being made from recycled materials, reducing the demand for virgin wood. 

With a wide array of colors and finishes available, composite decking allows homeowners to achieve a customized look without sacrificing performance. Lastly, composite decks offer a splinter-free and safer surface, making them an ideal choice for families and those who prioritize safety in their outdoor spaces. In essence, replacing a weathered deck with composite decking not only enhances aesthetics but also provides a durable, low-maintenance, and sustainable solution for enjoying outdoor living spaces.

  • Durability and longevity
  • Resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage
  • Ensures a longer lifespan with minimal maintenance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Superior resistance to fading and warping.
  • Maintains appearance and structural integrity over time
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • Often made from recycled materials
  • Reduces the demand for virgin wood
  • Customization options
  • Wide array of colors and finishes available
  • Achieve a customized look without sacrificing performance
  • Safety features
  • Splinter-free surface for a safer outdoor experience.
  • Ideal for families and those prioritizing safety

In essence, replacing a wood deck with composite decking enhances aesthetics while providing a durable, low-maintenance, and sustainable solution for enjoying outdoor living spaces.

Common FAQs regarding deck renovation

Is redoing a deck a good investment? 

Installing a deck can be a valuable investment for two big reasons. First, it can provide a sense of atmosphere and community for neighborhood get-togethers and family events.  It also can provide a sense of privacy and solitude for personal quiet time outdoors. Either way, in some regards it serves to extend the square footage of the home by creating added space. For these reasons alone, a deck is a great investment. 

Reason number two:  According to Remodeling Magazine’s report on cost vs value new composite decking receives a 62.1% value for resale.  This puts it into the Top 10 most valued home improvements.      

What is the best way to restore an old deck?  

If the frame of the deck is solid, the best way to restore it is to resurface the deck by replacing all of the old deck boards and railing.  Everyone loves the look of new wood. However, burning sun, constant rain, snow and ice wreak havoc on the surface boards of your deck.  This leads to warping, splintering, fading, and even bug infestation.  

To fight these elements the deck boards need to be stained or painted every couple of years.  Sadly, it usually only looks good for a few months before you are out there again putting on another coat.  

The best way to restore an old deck is to remove the railing and old surface deck boards, examine the deck frame for rot and repair with treated lumber, then use composite decking material and aluminum railing.  This will provide for years of beauty and durability.  It will cost a little more upfront, but will be considerably more durable, require less maintenance and look fantastic.  This will also increase the overall value of your home and allow you to enjoy it year round.

How much does it cost to refinish a deck with composite material?  

There are so many options and grades in composite decking material and railing systems, it is tough to give an exact cost. However, if you want to budget a number, a ballpark amount is around $35 – $65 per square foot of surface.

What is the average cost of rebuilding a complete deck?  

Resurfacing a deck costs about 40% less than starting from scratch. 

How to redo a deck for cheap?  

If you are committed to DIY simply power wash, sand, and paint or stain your existing deck and rail every two years.  It is a lot of work, but looks great for a year or so.

How do you update a worn deck?  

  1. Give the deck a good clean with a pressure washer / power washer & deck cleaner. 
  2. Check the deck screws to see if they are sticking up or rusted out.
  3. Replace weathered wood or rotten boards with new exterior wood.
  4. Consider replacing the railing and post too.  
  5. Use a deck paint or stain (including transparent stains). This typically will take multiple coats of paint or stain to protect your deck for a couple of years.
  6. Or choose the easy, long lasting method: Replace old worn out decking with composite decking material.