Riley-Our Detailed Gutter Guard Installer

Our featured employee is our gutter guard installer, Riley! 👏👏

Riley has been working for Gutter Cover Kansas City® for 7 years! He is known for being a very detailed gutter guard installer.

We took some time to ask Riley a few questions about himself and working for Gutter Cover KC®.

  1. What do you like about Gutter Cover Kansas City® as a company?
      • Friendly work environment
      • Recognition of excellence
  2. What do you like about the products you promote?
      • Quality production
      • Installation
      • Attention to details
  3. How do you feel you help homeowners?
      • Not just selling them a product but going above and beyond to ensure what we are giving them is a product worth investing in.
  4. What are some interests or hobbies you enjoy?
      • Gem and mineral collecting
      • Houseplant husbandry
      • Planted aquariums/fish keeping
      • Hiking
      • Insect preservation
      • Art/tattooing
      • Swimming with the kids
      • Rescuing cats

Hear From a Customer Riley Helped Install Gutter Guards For:

Gutter Cover KC® loves hearing from our customers – here are some comments customers have had about working with Riley:

  1. “The gentleman who installed our covers was so kind. He was considerate of our sleeping child. The installers were amazing and were great to clean up. They are an asset to Gutter Cover.”
  2. “I would like to say that all of the people I have come in contact with at your company have been great to work with. The technician that worked on my house did an excellent job. Kept me informed on what he was going to do and then showed me everything he did.”
  3. “The installer was professional. Had Paul demo what they would do to help with our problem of water running over the gutter screens and causing mud puddles. We were a little skeptical at first and didn’t know if we wanted to spend that much to fix our problem. After the last rain, we went on the deck to see if they were working like we were told. It was raining rather hard and my wife and I were really happy that they were performing like we were told. I would highly recommend this company.”
  4. “Great team 👍 Everyone is professional Very happy with the attention to detail.”
  5. “The gutter covering installed by Gutter Cover looks and works fantastic and we are super excited about it. We tried an alternate product before Gutter Cover which did not work at all. The estimator and the installer with Gutter Cover were both professional and friendly, and the installer left our yard spotless afterward. We highly recommend this company for your gutter protection needs. It was a satisfying experience from start to finish.”


We also want to show our appreciation for Riley. Here are some of the things his co-workers have to say about him…

“Riley is always friendly and ready to help. He has a great ability to identify the most efficient way to get a job accomplished. You can always trust Riley to do excellent work.”

“Very efficient. Great time management. He can be funny on the team; doesn’t have a problem speaking up. He always works towards a solution.” -Matt

“Riley is very informative and knowledgeable. He is a character and fun to be around. I value Riley because he is very good at his job. Having a background in roof installation is a bonus since gutters and gutter guards work with the roof system.” – Sharon

“Riley is a hard worker and always strives to perform quality work. He has good attention to detail and is good about making unforeseen necessary adjustments to make the customer’s installation better. He has the least amount of waste (for AGG) out of all the installers, therefore, he cares about saving the company money on a daily basis.”

Riley really does a great job! When I know he’s on an installation for one of our homeowners, I know it will be done right. – Steve

We love Riley!! He is a great blend of hard-working and funny. He definitely adds a lot to the Gutter Cover Team 😄 – Dakota

Riley is definitely an asset to the company. He is very efficient and does quality work. We definitely appreciate Riley’s contributions to making this company go above and beyond in Customer Service. – Debbie

Thank you Riley for all the hard work over the last seven years. – Everyone at Gutter Cover KC®