Do Gutter Covers Really Work?

Do Gutter Covers Really Work, A New Homeowner Tells Her Story.

“The first thing that we learned of homeownership was that things can GO WRONG with a house very QUICKLY!”


We were new homeowners.

Our first year in our house could be considered UNEVENTFUL, I suppose.

If you consider the moving, cleaning, painting, and furnishing that goes along with any new house uneventful.

Feeling a little more settled, we enjoyed our move-in anniversary.

AND THEN…we started to notice WATER DAMAGE on the roofline and around the gutters.

Being an employee of Gutter Cover Kansas City® I knew the potential problems all too well. We uttered the famous last words “We need to get on that before it becomes a larger problem.”

AS SOON as we finished that thought…the HVAC system went out, HI-JACKING our budget for the year…

So…life went on…rain fell…

The roof LEAKED…and once again our budget was exhausted.

Despite the new roof…OUR HOUSE had become an EYE SORE…at least to us.

The WOOD DAMAGE from the clogged gutters grew FAST, faster than I could have imagined.


Our problem was two-fold:
  1. Our out-of-shape, constantly CLOGGING gutters were pouring water BEHIND our SIDING
  2. Our siding was installed poorly, so with the onslaught of water behind them, they had no other choice than to ROT, MOLD, and WARP.



My husband was constantly trying to keep the gutters clean. This was always a NAIL-BITER for me because our house was on a STEEP SLOPE.

We practiced as much LADDER SAFETY as we knew how.

This was a REALLY GOOD thing because one day I did have to CATCH the LADDER before it fell completely over with him on it.

Despite all our efforts, a HEAVY RAIN came and water GUSHED into our garage and basement.

This was the FINAL STRAW. We just could NOT manage these water problems on our own anymore.



We wanted a company who really CARED about our home and us.

We needed EXPERTS who knew not just how to hang gutters. They must really UNDERSTAND WATER. How water can infiltrate a home, and how to protect the home even in the weak points.

We wanted a long-lasting solution.

So I asked myself the question will gutter guards really work? So I called Gutter Cover Kansas City®.

And I put them to the TEST.

I had been working with them for a while now – but only on the computer side of things. They had fantastic reviews and they seemed to have helped many people.

NOW I wanted to see if they could really SOLVE my problems.

Gutter Cover Kansas City® evaluated, and when I say evaluated it was like they were going through an INVESTIGATIVE process with our home and guttering system.

They EXPLAINED the problems.

They showed us WHERE water was pooling next to the house and WHY.

They told us not only WHAT would fix our current issues, but also explained WHY it would FIX and PREVENT other future issues.

It was refreshing to work with a company that was interested in FIXING our problems, not just selling us a product.

To put the cherry-on-top they took the time to find the perfect color cover to match our roof. (Test #1 – Aced it!)

They were also able to work with us on scheduling.

We needed to replace our siding and fascia first. During the fascia installation, the gutters were removed.

Now knowing MORE-THAN-EVER how much damage water can cause, we did not want to leave our home gutter-less for long.

We were sure to collaborate with the scheduling team for both companies. Gutter Cover Kansas City® scheduled our gutter and cover installation immediately following the fascia and siding crew.

In just ONE DAY, and the VERY NEXT day – as promised, the very polite and professional installers had it up and running.

Just in time for a big storm to roll in. (Test #2 – Superb)

We couldn’t believe the difference it made.

Gutter Guards SOLVED so many homeowner PROBLEMS for us:
  1. No more water in our basement
  2. No more wood rot
  3. No more mold
  4. No more nail-biting gutter cleanings
  5. No more costly repairs from water damage
  6. No more worrying about rain

And besides the many solutions we received and peace-of-mind, we got the surprising benefit that it LOOKED REALLY GOOD.

The first words out of my husband’s mouth were “Man that looks GOOD! It makes the roof-line look SO much BETTER!”

Who would have known that something so FUNCTIONAL could add so much FORM!

Now I am not just an employee of this company – I’m an advocate! So do gutter guards really work? Trust me: Gutter Cover Kansas City® really does have you covered.