Making Sure Our Gutter Guards Work!


A Kansas City Female CEO Makes Sure Our Gutter Guards Work!

Pam Stacye is Gutter Cover Kansas City®’s Co-CEO and takes the lead in Quality Assurance. As such, she contributes to every aspect of the company.

Why can you trust her to deliver the highest quality working gutter guard available for your home?

Quick Overview

  1. Has worked in the guttering industry for 25+ years.
  2. Has an eye for details.
  3. Cares that her customers get the whole package: Attractive, Functional, High Quality Products.


She’s been in this business for 25 years. Her parents were actually pioneers in the industry

Pam explains her introduction into the guttering world. “As a builder and remodeler, my father was well aware that clogged gutters cause so much damage to a home.  From the roof to the foundation, water pouring over and behind the gutters creates many problems.  He taught me how critical it is to keep your gutters clean and free-flowing. I love that our company solves that problem for our customers.”

Eye for Design and Detail

Matt Sheehan, our Production Manager said that Pam is “Positive, very smart and has a keen eye for detail.” He continues, “I feel that in the early years she molded the quality of work we provide by helping with how installations should look when finished.”

Kansas City-home-with-gutter-guard-showing-gutter-guards-really-work
Local Kansas City Home with our Gutter Guard Installed

When asked about the Advantage Gutter Guard®, Pam said, My favorite part of the product is how great it looks on a home. I’ve seen products that stand out or take away from a home’s appearance. This product blends with the roof color and virtually disappears

“If you were to step inside her home, you would see that Pam could have been an interior designer as easily as a female CEO. She’s poured all of that creative energy into making sure that the Advantage Gutter Guard® is something you would be proud of having on your home – not just functionally but aesthetically as well.” – Brooke Purvis Social Media Assistant

Quality Driven

“Pam is constantly looking for ways to improve – in every aspect of the business.” – Brooke Purvis Social Media Assistant

“Pam is an absolutely essential part of the team. She is never willing to accept subpar results. When most would get tired and simply accept a less than hoped-for end, Pam persists. She’s what takes our projects from “I can accept that.” to “Hey, that’s exactly what we wanted!” And that’s actually a really difficult role to play – to be the one who has to say “I’m sorry, but that’s not good enough.” – But it’s also CRITICAL. It plays no small part in ensuring that our company is head and shoulders above anything else in this industry – In work ethic, professionalism, innovation and customer service.”  – Steve Purvis Sales and Project Manager

“She is hardworking and quality-driven.  Wants the best for all – customers and employees.” -Sharon Laing Customer Service

Despite her constant desire to improve, she is quite satisfied with the Advantage Gutter Guard®. Pam reflects “Over the years, Doug and I have seen many different types of gutter protection. We always come back to the conclusion that the Advantage Gutter Guard® is the best working gutter guard. It is proven and guaranteed to work. We have customers who testify to this after years of having it on their home.”


“She cares about our customers and employees a big deal, and I think as an employee looking up to an owner of a business that means A LOT!” – Megan Hespe Social Media

Pam supporting the people who make sure the Advantage Gutter Guard really works
Pam with Debbie (Gutter Cover KC’s Office Manager) at last Summer’s Employee Party

“Pam is very appreciative and makes a deliberate effort to be conscious of the feelings of those around her, while simultaneously being a good ‘pusher’, for lack of a better term. She gets stuff done and challenges your ideas. I like working with Pam because she helps everyone else, including me, to be better at our jobs.” – Steve Purvis Sales and Project Manager

“She is very collaborative and takes everyone’s input into consideration before making a decision.” – Megan Hespe Communication Specialist

She strives to understand me and how I do things.  While I know she has definite/strong opinions about things, she doesn’t jump ahead to assert what she thinks without first understanding the procedure already in place. She is a very sweet, kind-hearted person.” -Sharon Laing Customer Service

When asked what Pam likes about Gutter Cover Kansas City® as a company she said, “I love that our company has a great culture and helps homeowners solve serious water problems. I love our people! I appreciate that our employees are also aligned with our goal of keeping water where it belongs, are seeking to help people, and to provide excellent value and service.”

Her motivation for providing a quality gutter guard? “I appreciate that homeowners have busy lives and so now they no longer have to climb on dangerous ladders, they have more free time and they don’t have to worry about water damage from clogged, poorly installed gutters.”

Pam Cares About Quality in ALL Aspects of Life

Gutter Cover Kansas City owners enjoy quality family timePam mentioned that she recognizes that people have busy lives. In addition to ensuring quality at Gutter Cover Kansas City®, Pam also has a well-rounded family life. She has 3 kids – ages 31, 20 and 13. With such an age span, she is always jumping from one activity to the next.

She spends every evening with her husband and her two youngest children. They enjoy going for walks and playing games. And of course, her evenings also include the less glorious aspects of motherhood – cooking, cleaning, homework duty (yes, another quality-check). On the weekend, her home is always full of friends. She even sets aside time for wonderful family vacations.

Of course, she’s not totally perfect, with a full schedule – so focused on the important details – it’s impossible to keep track of everything. This is likely why she’s notorious for locking her keys in the car.

On the other hand, this busy schedule is why she values respecting the time of her customers. From the estimate to the installation, to the complete relief that comes from not worrying about clogged gutters.

In conclusion, If you’re looking for a quality working gutter guard, rest assured. The woman behind the Advantage Gutter Guard ® has dedicated over 25 years to make sure you have the very best.

Request an Estimate and see what a quality gutter guard can do for you.


Updated from original post 5/2020