Do Gutter Guards Work in all Seasons?

There are certainly mixed reviews about gutter guards, leaf filters, gutter screens, etc. That’s because there are many different designs of gutter guards.

Have you ever purchased a gutter guard and found it worked great in the Fall, but not in the Spring? Or that your leaf filter worked great the first year you had it, but made things worse the next year?

Alex Mathew purchased Advantage Gutter Guard ® for part of his home a year ago. He was impressed at first by the professional installation. Check out his Google Review from last year: “Gutter Cover Kansas City is your one-stop shop for gutters. I have never worked with such incredible contractors from Craig who arrived early for the quote and even sent a thank you card to Monte who did a world-class installation. From start to finish, this company is the definition of excellence. Even those behind the scenes like Sharon who schedules your appointment and processes your payment to Matt who customizes the gutter cover to fit your home and its color are incredible individuals. Thank you for setting a new standard for customer service and craftsmanship.” – Alex Mathew

A year later, he decided to add Advantage Gutter Guard ® to the rest of his home. Why?

Because Advantage Gutter Guard ® is a gutter cover that works in ALL seasons.

In this video he shares his honest experience and feelings about Advantage Gutter Guard ®: “About a year ago we got gutter covers put on the top half of our house. We have seen it go through four seasons, in all different types of weather, and just perform with excellence. So we reached out this year and said, ‘Hey, Could you do the bottom half of our house?’ And they did. And from beginning to end, from the sales to the installers it was world-class. We are so grateful. We are excited about the lifetime warranty. And also the lifetime relationship we have with the team at Gutter Cover KC.” – Alex Mathew

We are so grateful to Mr. Mathew for kindly sharing his experience with us via video review. He’s not the only one who has been completely satisfied after having Advantage Gutter Guard ® installed on his home. Check out our Google Reviews to hear more of our customer’s experiences with Advantage Gutter Guard®.

We have customers who have had our gutter guard system for over 20 years without any issues.

To learn more about what to look for in a gutter guard check out our guide. The design of a leaf filter or gutter cover really does determine whether it can handle all four seasons.

Here are a few articles on gutter maintenance for all seasons:

Be sure when looking into gutter protection to check reviews and the BBB, and do a little research on what type of gutter guards work for your area.

Also, check out our article on “Do gutter guards work” – to see how different types of guards work.

Looking for a formula to calculate gutter guard cost for your home? See our blog on gutter guard cost.

Can Clogged Gutters Cause Termites?

Can Clogged Gutters Cause Termites?

Why Clogged Gutters Can Cause Termites

Termites need moisture to survive – they are drawn to moisture.

Clogged gutters actually provide a lot of moisture around your home in two ways:

1. Clogged or improperly sloped gutters often contain pools of stagnant water.

2. Clogged or undersized gutters often causes rain-water to flow over your gutters and onto the ground against your home. This creates chronically moist soil that termites love.

Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

Well, with a gutter guard system in place, not only are you saving time and reducing danger, but you’re also gaining more peace of mind.

We believe it comes down to those things.

Additionally, overflowing gutters can do a tremendous amount of damage to a home. Not staying on top of your gutter cleaning for even one season can lead to serious damage – Such as flooded basements and foundation damage.

Another aspect is the ability to keep up with regular maintenance.

If you have trees close to or towering over your house you simply won’t be able to keep up with routine cleaning, resulting in clogged gutters.

All it takes is being out of town one time when a big rainstorm comes in and your gutter overflows. This could lead to some serious damage to your property, like getting your basement flooded. To read more about if gutter guards are worth it and see which gutter guards are worth the investment visit here:  Are Gutter Guards Worth It?