Drought Continues Despite the Snow

If you haven’t read the cover article in The Kansas City Star today regarding drought conditions in our area – I would recommend you do so.  It’s fascinating to learn that although we’ve experienced above normal snowfall this winter season we are still below normal in moisture.  This is due to the fact that the snow that has fallen is dry.  The Star states, “When converted to liquid and added to the rain we’ve had the past four months, it comes to about 4 inches of moisture benefiting the soil.”  As a consequence, this has caused the National Weather Service to issue a “red-flag warning”.

Snow on tree The article goes on to recommend that we water our trees and shrubs when possible during the winter.  I liked the idea that when the snow is shoveled off our driveways and walks to place it around the trees, shrubs and flowers to help them out – but make sure the snow is free of salt.

Hopefully as we enter into spring we will receive the rains we need to satisfy our landscapes and water supplies.