Forget About Gutter Cleaning & Eat Pumpkin Pie

The Trees Are Hitting Their Peak This Weekend!

This year October 26 is the predicted date for the trees to hit their full vibrancy!

That means this weekend needs to be full of exploration and sight seeing (weather permitting of course…if you’ve planned a hike warm socks and scarf are must!). At the very least a scenic drive with hot apple cider and a piece of pumpkin pie (or even Whiskey Walnut & Chocolate Pie…YUM!).

Eat pie and forget about gutter cleaning

A relaxing weekend this week is a must – especially if you have gutter maintenance looming over your head.

Gutter maintenance is critical from next week forward. If leaves are piling up on the ground, your gutters are certainly going to be full.

We hate this blog to be a bearer of bad news, but gutter maintenance is critical from next week forward. Think about it – if you’re noticing leaves piling up on the ground just after you raked, just think about the masses of leaves in your gutters. If you’re raking your leaves multiple times, you really need to be cleaning your gutters that much too. That means your next few weekends could be tainted by a few hours of gutter cleaning. And with this sudden cold snap, it could mean you’re up there in a cold, windy drizzle. Ugh!

gutter maintenance chore

To Clean or Not to Clean?

Gutter cleaning is essential anytime debris is falling from the trees. It’s one of the most dreaded and dangerous home maintenance chores out there. So some might be inclined to skip it. We can’t blame you.

However, while many chores around the house can be skipped from time to time with minimal harm, gutter cleaning is not like dusting. If the gutters are full during a rainstorm, your gutters will overflow.

What overflowing gutters can do to your home:

Foundation damage

Basement flooding

Water damage

Landscape damage


It’s clearly too risky to ignore gutter cleaning.

Still, the risks or ignoring your gutter maintenance doesn’t make gutter cleaning any less risky or any more enjoyable.

It just makes it necessary.

So…what other options are out there? It’s always nice to have options – right?

Know Your Gutter Cleaning Options

  1. Tackle Gutter Maintenance: Clean Yourself
  2. Delegate Gutter Maintenance: Hire Someone
  3. Reduce Gutter Maintenance: The Permanent Solution of a Gutter Guard

1) Tackle Gutter Maintenance: Clean Yourself

Time: Varies greatly depending on the home. Expect several hours per cleaning for your average Kansas City home.

Risk: This option puts you at the greatest risk of personal injury. If this must be done, please follow the guidelines in the article THE MUST-DO SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR CLEANING YOUR GUTTERS.

Money: Up front, nothing. If you fall or injure yourself this is the most expensive option of all.


2) Delegate Gutter Maintenance: Hire Someone

Time: It takes a lot of time and good scheduling to properly stay on top of this 2-4 times a year. Falling behind can lead to costly damage. This avenue takes commitment and consistency.

Risk: This largely depends on whom you hire. Make sure you can answer the following questions: Is the company reputable? Are they insured if they fall or injure themselves? Are they insured if they damage my property? Do they clean up after themselves when they are done? Is there a way for me to be certain they are fully cleaning my gutters each time?

Money: The average homeowner in Kansas City can expect to pay $125-$175 per cleaning. If done 2-4 times a year, it means between $250 and $700 a year, depending on frequency needed, the linear feet of your gutters and the shape and pitch of your roof.


3) Reduce Gutter Maintenance: The Permanent Solution of a Gutter Guard

Time: There is the initial investment in finding the right product for your trees and area. After that, most products come with some kind of a guarantee that your gutters will never clog, which means no more time spent on maintenance. Keep in mind though; a warranty is as good as the company who makes it. So make sure the company has an established reputation you’re willing to invest in.

Risk: Choosing the right product. There is an overwhelming amount of competitive and often contradicting information found online. Take time to do your research and be confident in your decision.

Money: There will be an initial investment in pursuing this option. This amount obviously will vary, depending on what you decide to invest in. However, in our experience, The Advantage Gutter Guard® system pays for itself within a few years when compared to gutter cleaning. That translates to thousands of dollars saved in the long run.

This is our top choice because it eliminates the dangers of overflowing gutters. It saves you the most time, has the lowest risk, and is ultimately the most cost-effective choice.

(See the article, “Considering Gutter Guards in Kansas City: Four Pitfalls to Avoid”)

Forget About Gutter Cleaning & Eat Pumpkin Pie

Make the best use of your time, money, and the best two seasons of the year (can’t forget about Spring) by choosing a permanent solution to gutter cleaning. Once you do, you’ll be so relieved that terrible chore of gutter cleaning is off your shoulders forever. Fall should be about fun, apple cider and pumpkin pie!

If you’d like a free estimate from Gutter Cover KC to learn about your options for forgetting about gutter cleaning, fill out our estimate request form. Meet with our professionals and enjoy the rest of your Autumns from here on out!

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