Foundation and Gutter Maintenance – Pay Now or Pay Later

Protect Your Homes Foundation

In order to protect your home’s foundation, you can double your monthly water bill now or run the risk of paying thousands of dollars down the line to make repairs.  And that’s my fear – so the soaker hoses are placed around my entire house and I am watering every other day as allowed by the city in which I live.

Extreme temperatures cause the ground to shrink which causes homes to settle.  An additional complication is that tree roots may desiccate (dry out) the soil beneath a house causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle.  With a lack of rain or moisture tree, roots are searching for water and may draw it from around the foundation.  You may find that inside your house the doors may stick and that cracks have appeared in the sheetrock.  Outside of the house, there may be gaps around doors and windows. Possibly cracks in the exterior wall or possibly the fascia board may be pulling away which means gutters and downspouts can also be pulling away.

 If gutters and downspouts are not working properly or are not properly placed, this too can cause serious issues. Causing both foundation issues and water damage once it begins to rain again.

Due to the extreme heat trees are stressed and dropping their leaves filling up gutters. This problem combined with dirt pulling away from the foundation can result in gutters overflowing and water going into your basement, even with the spotty rain showers we are getting around the metro.

Recently, Channel 41, KSHB TV had some good information to protect your foundation now before it’s too late. 

Their expert recommended watering at least two inches a week or more. But not right next to the foundation. To avoid water seeping down into the cracks in the soil against the house.  It was stated that a sprinkler system is best. But a soaker hose, which is an inexpensive option, will also work.  From my previous research, I learned that the hoses should be placed about 2 – 3 feet out from the foundation wall. So the water will soak into the soil and not flow down the wall face.  It was explained that the moist soil will expand and fill in back against the foundation.

Avoid topsoil If more soil is required to fill in. As it will settle and water will run right through it.  Clay-like soil is best as it will shed water away from the house.  It is also important to repair any cracks you find in outside walls, especially crevices near windows.

So the question remains, pay now or pay later?  The answer is up to you.