New Gutters & Advantage Gutter Guard® Installed for Fox 4 Give Away Winner!

fox-4-contest-winner-standing-in-front-of-completed-guttering-project-with-advantage-gutter-guard-and-new-upgraded-guttersWe Just Installed New Gutters & Advantage Gutter Guard® for Our Fox 4 Contest Winner!

We are so excited to announce that James McCarr won our Fox 4 Give Away for 2021!

Mr. McCarr told us that he’s never won a contest before, but he knew he needed new gutters so he decided to go ahead and enter. Now, he’s so happy he did!

We’d like to share Mr. McCarr’s experience with you.

Meeting with Gutter Cover KC

This week Mr. McCarr got the good news that he was the Fox 4 Winner. Larry Parker, one of our estimators met him at his home. They discussed the issues Mr. McCarr wanted addressed and then Larry did a thorough 21-point inspection.


The Gutter Inspection

Mr. McCarr already knew his gutters needed to be replaced. Here’s some of the additional things Larry discovered during his inspection.

Front of the home:

water-damaged-siding-from-over-flowing-gutters-and-lack-of-flashingOne of the things Larry noticed was some siding damage near the front door. On closer inspection Larry was able to identify two contributing factors with the gutters that were causing this issue.

  1. There was an open space between the edge of the gutter and the fascia. This gap was allowing water into the siding below. The solution: A piece of flashing (a metal material used to waterproof the junction between two surfaces) between the gutter and the fascia. Caulking was added to seal the area.
  2. Even though Mr. McCarr didn’t have any trees in his yard, there were still leaves in his gutters as you can see in the picture below.  This meant that the water collected by the gutters could not drain properly – resulting in water overflowing the gutters onto the gap. The solution: Advantage Gutter Guard® this will prevent his gutters from ever clogging again.

Back of the home:

  1. close-up-view-of-soffit-damage-from-overflowing-guttersOverflowing gutters had damaged the soffit and fascia. This was on the second level an area of the home that is especially difficult and dangerous to clean. The cause of the overflowing gutters: clogged gutters. The solution: Repair soffit and facia before installing new gutters, and install Advantage Gutter Guard®.
  2. The downspout on the left side of the home in this photo was draining onto the driveway. Constant water flow onto the concrete not only damages the driveway but can create chronically slippery walkways in the winter. The solution: redirecting and extending the downspout so that it drained into the backyard – sloping away from the home and allowing the water to be evenly dispersed in the ground.


The Installation

A few weeks later our installation crew was at Mr. McCarr’s home and busy at work. Here’s what they did:


  • Repaired damaged soffit and fascia
  • New 6″ gutters (an increase from the previous 5″ gutters)
  • Installed water-proofing materials (flashing)
  • New 3″x 4″ downspouts (an increase from the previous 2″x 3″ downspouts)
  • Redirected the downspout in the back away from the home and driveway
  • Advantage Gutter Guard® on the entire home.

Our installers enjoyed working with Mr. McCarr, one remarking, “It’s amazing the difference guttering can make on a home.”


Thank You Kansas City

We were so happy to be able to help Mr. McCarr with all of his guttering needs. We really appreciate all who participated in the contest and the Fox 4 Team for helping us organize the 2021 Fox 4 Gutter Give Away. Thank you Kansas City for 20 years of amazing support. We hope this is the first of many contests Mr. McCarr gets to win!

If you need to upgrade your guttering system or to protect your gutters with Advantage Gutter Guard® we’re here to help! Just let us know by clicking this link.