Galvalume Gutters: Durable Protection for Your Kansas City Home

Gutter Cover KC® is proud to offer seamless galvalume gutters alongside our popular aluminum and copper options.

Why Choose Galvalume Gutters?

You might be wondering how galvalume stacks up against other gutter materials. The truth is, all three materials are excellent choices for gutters, each with their own unique strengths:

Aluminum Gutters: Lightweight, affordable, and low-maintenance.

Galvalume Gutter: Exceptionally durable, resists rust and corrosion, and offers a stylish rustic look.

Copper Gutters: Classic beauty, incredibly long-lasting, naturally resistant to rust.

Why Choose Gutter Cover KC® for Galvalume Gutter Installation?

While galvalume gutters offer fantastic benefits, proper installation is crucial for optimal performance. Here’s why Gutter Cover KC® is the perfect choice for your galvalume gutter needs:

Specialization: Gutters are what we do! We have decades of experience in the gutter industry, we ensure flawless installations.

Reputation: Gutter Cover Kansas City® has earned a reputation for excellence. We’re committed to providing the highest quality products and services.

Reviews: Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our satisfied customers are saying.

Gutter Cover Kansas City’s 5-Star Reputation

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Galvalume Gutter FAQs:

Are Galvalume Gutters Good?

Absolutely! Galvalume offers a great balance between affordability and longevity. They’ll provide exceptional protection for your home for years to come, at a price point that’s easier on the wallet compared to copper. Plus, they boast a cool, rustic aesthetic that complements many architectural styles.

How Long Do Galvalume Gutters Last?

Galvalume gutters can last upwards of 70 years with proper maintenance, making them a truly long-term investment.

Galvalume vs. Galvanized Gutters:

While their names sound similar, galvalume offers superior performance. Galvalume’s aluminum-zinc coating provides far greater resistance to rust and corrosion compared to galvanized steel.

What is The Strongest Gutter?

All three gutter materials (aluminum, galvalume, and copper) offer excellent strength and durability. However, galvalume is the most scratch and dent-resistant.

Are Galvalume Gutters Also Available in Half-Round?

Yes, they are. Gutter Cover KC® offers galvalume gutters in K-style and half-round gutters (sometimes called European gutters).

Does Galvalume Come in Different Colors?

No. Galvalume has a distinctive, almost-silver light-gray matte finish that adds a perfect rustic touch to complement your home’s aesthetic.

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Advantage Gutter Guard® For Galvalume Gutters

Keep your gutter systems looking and working new by installing Advantage Gutter Guard®.

Gutter guards provide immense protection for a home. Gutters channel thousands of gallons of water per rainstorm to protect your home from water damage. With clogged, improperly functioning gutters, a home is susceptible to wood rot, termites, mold, mildew, flooded basements, foundation damage and landscaping issues.

Prevent clogged gutters by adding ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD ® to your beautiful, new gutters.

What Will Advantage Gutter Guard® Look Like?

Minimalistic and Custom, Advantage Gutter Guard® is engineered to form a low profile, which works great for curb appeal. When installed, it creates an almost invisible, sleek appearance. Available in 33 colors and COPPER to ensure it will blend beautifully with your roof and gutters.

A Gutter Guard Made For Virtually All Roof Types & Gutters

Roof Types: Metal, Wood, Shake, Concrete, Tile, Slate, Stone Coated Steel, and Composition. Works on Steep or Flat Roof Pitches.

Gutters: Can be added to the existing galvalume guttering system, or other gutter materials. (example: copper, aluminum, k-style, or half-round). Advantage Gutter Guard® can be installed on gutters as small as 5 inches or as large as 8 inches.

Customer Experience:

“Glad to see the cover in place. It makes the house front look 1000% better!” – Dan P.