How does our gutter protection handle torrential rain? Our customer’s experience tells it best!

“Dear Sirs,

We had a very unusual rainstorm the same evening after our gutter covers were installed. Only it wasn’t an ordinary rain. We got 1-1/2” in the first half-hour, about 8:30pm. I knew my basement floor would be soaked again, but for the first time, in memory, it was not! There would be no way that could have ever happened without regular gutters. Apparently they had been filling up in a hard rain and overflowing. I think because of the small downspouts. When you put the covers on, you increased the spout size too, and clearly that helped.

But then about 10:30 that same night we got a torrential rainstorm that added another 3 inches to the total, all in about the space of 2 more hours. It was the most torrential rainstorm I can remember since living here, and I am just thrilled with the performance of gutter cover. I was worried that torrential rain might still pour off their top surface because it would be coming too fast to follow the curve. Such was not the case! The reason I know for sure is because we collect rainwater in a large plastic trash can when hard rains washed directly over the normal gutters, but for the first time, out trash can had only the 4 1/2” of water in it that it would normally get from the sky. Before that we have seen that 55 gal trash can almost filled up with the rainwater from gutter overflow. One morning I found a drowned squirrel floating in it. Looks like from now on, our squirrels will be safe, too.

Yours Gratefully,

Craig B. “

Advantage Gutter Guard® handles heavy rain flow through the physics principle of surface tension. For more information click here