Gutter Cover Installation at Park University

We recently completed an installation of The Gutter Cover™ on a residence at Park University in Parkville, Missouri.

House at Park University has Gutter Cover installed
Close up of The Gutter Cover installed over internal gutter

It was an interesting job due to the design of the gutter system.  It is an internal gutter system also known as built-in or integral gutters or Yankee gutters.  This type of drainage system was incorporated into the cornice structure along the roofline on homes and public buildings dating back to the 18th century.   They are not easily visible from the outside which worked well with elaborate building designs.

 This is our second installation of The Gutter Cover™ on this type of gutter system both of which are on vintage homes.  Through our experienced level of handling various types of installations, Gutter Cover of Kansas City can successfully meet with such interesting and intriguing situations. 

 The history of Park University is quite unique.  It was founded in 1875 by John A. McAfee on land situated on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River that was donated by George S. Park.  According to the website, Historic Campus Architecture Project, the school established a student work program called the “Park College Family”.  The project accepted impoverished students who paid a small annual fee and further offset the costs of their education by their labor.  They constructed buildings, farmed, cut wood, milked cows, cooked, ran a laundry and performed virtually every task necessary to keep the school running.  One of the buildings that utilized student labor is Mackay Hall – the center then and now of the campus of Park University.  Professional masons were hired to build the walls but students quarried the limestone on the campus grounds and delivered it to the building site.  Students also did most of the framing and carpentry.  Because of its architectural and educational significance, Mackay Hall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  Originally the school was called Park College but in 2000 it was renamed Park University. 

 Your house may not have a lot of history behind it but it is your home – a safe haven for you and your family that you want to protect.  Gutter Cover of Kansas City is happy to evaluate any type of gutter system and help provide you with clog-free gutters.  For a free, no-obligation estimate, please give us a call at 816-246-7881.


The Gutter Cover installed on home at Park University
The Gutter Cover installed on residence is invisible