Gutter Cover Kansas City – COVID-19 Update: Keeping Our Customers & Employees Safe

The Gutter Cover Kansas City team has dedicated itself to doing things the right way. For the past 19+ years, this dedication was centered on providing customer service and satisfaction through high-quality products, excellent work quality, and strong business ethics. 

However, 2020 brought COVID-19 and a whole new challenge to making sure that things were done right: health safety for both our customers and employees. 

This was especially pertinent since Gutter Cover KC was given the great responsibility of being deemed an essential business during COVID-19. Why was Gutter Cover Kansas City considered essential? And what has Gutter Cover KC done to keep both customers and employees safe?

Why Gutter Cover Kansas City is an Essential Business during COVID-19

“Even though guttering is often a seldom thought of part of the home, it is essential in protecting the home from water damage.” – Pam Stacye Co-CEO Gutter Cover Kansas City

Doug Stacye Co-CEO explains further, “Gutters are one of the most important systems on a home.  They are designed to move rainwater away from the siding – windows and most importantly the foundation.  If the gutter systems are clogged or not working correctly, tremendous pressure is put on a home when we get a hard or soaking rain.”

Pam adds, “Water in the basement caused by clogged or poorly performing guttering is an emergency. Water overflowing gutters can quickly cause damage, so there is an essential need for homeowners to have access to our services.” 

Recognizing the time of year, Doug says, “Since maintaining this system is so important to the longevity of a home, we are considered an essential business – especially in the Spring when it rains all the time.” 

What Safety Measure Were Taken for Customers?

When it comes to the work we do on the house, Pam says, “Fortunately there is no contact needed in our entire process allowing for us to safely be available for the needs of homeowners. All of our work is performed outside so it is easy to maintain appropriate social distancing.”

What about getting an estimate, how did Gutter Cover Kansas City adjust to make sure that everyone could maintain proper health protocol?

Steve Purvis, Gutter Cover KC’s Sales Manager explains by beginning with what the estimate process was like before COVID-19.

“On average about 40 minutes are spent evaluating the home and rain-water drainage issues followed by 20 minutes in-person with the homeowner. They go over the results of the evaluation and discuss the custom solution for that home.”

What changes were made for the evaluation process? 

“The solution to the challenge was clear: Virtual appointments. Phone, video conference, etc. You remove all in person contact and you largely remove the danger.” Says Steve.

Sometimes virtual appointments are not preferable to the homeowner. In such cases, these appointments can be done with social distancing such as through a storm door, or at a proper distance from each other outside and wearing a mask.

Regardless of appointment preference, rest assured “all of our employees are required to wear masks when in contact with customers. And daily checks on their health are performed to make sure they have no symptoms before beginning work.” Reports Steve.

How did the sales team respond to this new process?

Virtual Gutter Cover Appointment

Steve smiles as he reflects, “I am extremely proud of all of them. All embraced the changes wholeheartedly…All were willing to put forth the effort without complaint. They knew it was in the best interest of the homeowners and our community, so there was just no question or argument.” 

What new challenges does this process give to the sales team?

Bobby Burt, one of Gutter Cover KC’s sales consultants, explains his biggest challenge: “Showing customers how well the product works and the specific advantages to our product’s features.  There’s really no replacement for touching and feeling how well a product is constructed.”

Despite the challenges, Craig Duncan Sales Consultant reports, “Our customers have said they appreciate us taking the necessary precautions as well as offering virtual appointments.” 

What COVID-19 Safety Measures Were Taken For Employees?

“To protect our customers and employees we immediately put safety measures in place. Anyone who does not need to be in the office or warehouse, works remotely.” – Pam Stacye Co-CEO

Office Staff

In regards to the office staff, Doug explains, “Earlier this year we purchased equipment that allows people to work from home just like they are at the office. Very little actual paper is required. This means nothing has to be given to the customer by hand, it is done by email. This allows us to only have our office manager in the building. It has allowed us to safely operate with very little disruption to our company’s work flow.”

When asked her opinion of working from home, Sharon Laing Gutter Cover’s Customer Service Representative said, “Working from home…is truly a convenience and I like it more than I thought I would. I do miss being with my co-workers too.  I’m really grateful I work for a company that cares about my welfare and has made this provision possible so I can maintain my job.”

Installation Crew

The Installation crew doesn’t have the luxury of working from home. To keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic several changes were made. 

Pam describes the daily process, “Installers pick up job materials from the dock without entering the building. Temperature of individuals entering the building or installing work is taken daily. Anyone that feels unwell or becomes sick are not to come to work until symptom free and clear to work.”

Once they’ve picked up material, even more changes were implemented. Doug explains, “Installation crews no longer are able to ride together to job-sites – this ensures that social distancing is maintained.  They are instructed not to share tools.”

We’ve Got You Covered

rain pouring over a guttering system

As local business guidelines change, we will change with them.

In the meantime, all of these safety protocols mean that our team can be there when you need us. If you are experiencing overflowing gutters, water pooling around your home or a flooding basement – we are here to help.

It’s time for you to get expert advice on how to solve your guttering problems. The Gutter Cover KC professional will make a thorough inspection, prepare a custom plan and will explain all of this to you either over video conferencing, a phone call, or with social distancing measures in place – your choice. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today!