Gutter Cover KC Offers Excellent Customer Service and an “All Around Good Experience”

There’s so many refreshing ways to spend your time, but cleaning gutters isn’t one of them! Our customers have taken cleaning their gutters off the to-do list! Let us introduce you to one of our recent customer’s – The Alderson’s.

The Alderson’s recently made our day! They thanked us for a wonderful experience.

We thought we’d use their beautiful thank you to exhibit how we maintain excellent customer service.

The Gutter Guard Consultant

Our consultants get extensive training in customer service and communication. Their goal is to provide their customers with a lasting solution. They teach their customers about their individual guttering needs so they can make an informed decision on how to care for their home. 

Mike Rowland was the estimator who met with Mr. Alderson. He relates his experience with Mike this way: “We had a representative come to the house and he did a real good presentation. He sent a hand written thank you note for the presentation.”

Installers Focused on Customer Service

Our installers have regular training in doing quality work – and caring for each customer’s home as if it were their own. 

Mr. Alderson felt that they truly followed through on this training. He says, “The guys who put it in were really nice, they helped us with things they didn’t have to do. They cleaned all the gutters around the house – they’d only covered part of the house, but they cleaned ALL the gutters. Which really was a help. So we’ve been very pleased with the whole experience.”

A Quality Gutter Guard Offers Customer Service

The Advantage Gutter Guard® is a solid cover – with no openings to let in sticks, seeds, or debris. It allows water to flow into the gutter by use of surface tension. For this reason, your gutters are guaranteed never to clog again. If they ever do, not only will we clean the gutters, we will fix the issue that led to the clog. This unique system delivers customer service.

While the Alderson’s talked most about the interpersonal customer service they received, they also recognized the functionality of the product itself. “We had black willow trees and stuff was getting in the gutters all the time…We like the product so much!” – Mr. Alderson

A Reasonable Price is Customer Service

Often the Advantage Gutter Guard is viewed as a want. However, if guttering problems are leading to foundation damage or flooded basements – this product is a need. Compared to repairing foundation damage, restoring a flooded basement or even a broken limb – the Advantage Gutter Guard is a budget savior. For this reason, we keep our prices competitive. Admittedly, this might seem too good to be true. However, we keep the price reasonable because we feel it is good customer service to provide you with the very best at a fair price. In addition to offering a fair price, we wanted to go another step further and offer financing.

Mrs. Alderson appreciated this. She agrees, “I think the price was very reasonable, and the opportunity to make timed payments instead of all at once.” 

Everything In-Between

Caring about each individual customer is the focus of Gutter Cover Kansas City as a whole. 

Mrs. Alderson found this to be true. She felt that Gutter Cover of Kansas City was a good choice due to the experience as a whole. She relates, “The customer service, the quick turn-around, constantly keeping in touch with us to see how things were going…So all around it was really a good experience.”

It’s Your Turn for A Good Experience

If you’d like to find a lasting solution to your guttering problems and enjoy the process, give Gutter Cover Kansas City a call and request an estimate. We know you will be happy with your customer service experience. Enjoy the freedom of worry-free gutters!