Gutter Cover’s Featured Project Of The Week

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Here is a project we did on a beautiful Lee’s Summit Home.  We installed new gutters, The Gutter Cover™ and an underground drain.  The old underground drains were full of leaves and debris and were no longer functioning.  All of this was necessary to keep water where it belongs away from the foundation of the home.  The gutters were rusted through therefore dumping a huge amount of water next to the front of the house with no positive drainage away from the home's foundation.  We needed to trench 80 feet from the first downspout to get positive water flow away from the house. Two other downspouts were also tied into the same underground drain.  The timing was good since they were rebuilding the front walk allowing us to dig before the bricks were laid. 

Now this Lee’s Summit home has a gutter system that will keep water where it belongs – away from the home's foundation.  Bring on the rain!



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