Does Gutter Foam Work as an Effective Gutter Protection System?


The product of focus today is a gutter foam type of filler that you insert into your gutters to try to prevent them from clogging. The vision being water can pass through the gutter foam, but debris cannot.
Advantage:  It is an easy to use product and it is priced inexpensively. 
But does gutter foam truly work? Is it worth the money? 

We have worked with many customers that have purchased this product and have discovered it does not keep debris out. Many have called us to remove gutter foam type products due to gutter clogging. Here are pictures of a recent gutter foam removal:

gutter foam            Gutters clogged with Foam use                                                              

                                  gutter foam issues


Debris had obviously filtered into the gutter foam allowing a plant to grow out of the foam!  In addition, debris such as leaves, sticks and tassels mat on top of the product.  This blocks the flow of water into the gutter.

Is it worth your time and money? Simply put, NO!  Everyone is about saving time and money.  So don’t waste it on this product.  Our goal at Gutter Cover of Kansas City is to save you both time and money; Time by not having to deal with products such as these, and money by not having to purchase these products time and time again.

So what can The Gutter Cover offer you that the gutter foam fill cannot?

  • Proven and Attractive Gutter Protection with a Lifetiem Guarantee!
  • For over 12 years Gutter Cover of Kansas City has solved guttering problems for thousands of homeowners in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.
  • We have a history of providing excellent customer service.
  • Gutter Cover of Kansas City uses quality trained installers.
  • The Gutter Cover is completely solid, which is key to an effective gutter protection system. There are no openings, holes, slots, mesh, or foam to become clogged up with debris and prevent the water from entering the gutter.
  • The Gutter Cover features a design that is attractive, versatile, solid, and nose forward – which means it extends past the front edge of the gutter, causing debris to be deflected away from the gutter. 
  • Upon the unlikely occurrence that debris enters the gutter and causes blockage, Gutter Cover of Kansas City will remove the debris from the gutter-guaranteed!

If you’re still having questions about The Gutter Cover Gutter Protection System, feel free to visit our website. Then give us a call for a free estimate.  Also follow us on Facebook to hear about our specials.