How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

How Do I Find Out How Much Gutter Protection Will Cost For My Home?

This is always the burning question – How much do gutter guards cost?  

Most people love to shop so that they can get the best product for their home from the most competent company at the lowest price possible. When it comes to home improvements that is not always an easy task.

Here are the factors that go into the price for gutter guards and covers and it’s the same if you are looking for screen gutter guards or a permanent solid surface gutter cover system.

Factors to Consider With Gutter Guard Price Per Linear Foot Cost:

  1. How many linear feet?

    This is different from square feet. To get this number, measure each length of the entire gutter system around your house. Add them up and you have the linear footage for your property.

  2. How many inside and outside corners do you have?

    If you only have straight runs with no corners it should cost a little less. The reason for this is corners require more gutter guard material and labor time. 

  3. Are your gutters in good shape or do they need to be replaced? How can you tell?

First, look for corrosion.

This can be challenging if the gutters are freshly painted. Corrosion (or rust if your gutters are steel) will not go away and will always get worse. If you have corrosion (even in one spot) your gutters and downspouts should be replaced before putting any gutter protection in place.

Secondly, Inspect to see if your gutters are leaking.

Sometimes sealant can stop the leaking, but if the leaking is due to corrosion then it’s a very short-term fix. Once water penetrates under the sealant it will continue to work its way under the compound, and eventually, the sealant will just pull loose from the surface.

Next, check if your gutters need to be re-sloped

Over the years gutters often get pulled loose by ice and snow.

Gutters that aren’t sloped correctly will lose their effectiveness. Too little sloping would cause water to gather and become stagnant, corroding your gutters. Too much sloping on the other hand could cause water to run off way too quickly, causing your drains to clog up.

Finally, Are your gutters and downspouts properly sized?

Look at the roofline and how many square feet of the roof is going into the section of the gutter and being drained by the downspout. 

A good rule of thumb is for every 100 square feet of roof you need 1 square inch of a downspout. For example, a 2000 square foot roofline would require 20 square inches of downspout or (four) 2×3 inch downspouts or (two) 3×4 inch downspouts.

  1. Are there additional difficulties?

    For example, while most homes are one or two stories, some have sections that are three to five stories tall. Five stories up requires a 48-foot ladder. A 48-foot ladder requires 3-4 persons for safety. This could potentially impact the labor costs involved

gutter guard price per foot cost tips

Gutter Guard Installation Cost Formula:

Linear Feet + Number of Corners + Gutters in Good Condition or Do They Need to Be Replaced + Difficulty of Installation = Gutter Guard Cost

Depending on the quality of gutter protection, the base cost per linear foot typically ranges from $10-$45.

The less expensive gutter protection consists of screens or filters and DIY products. As is the case with the cheapest version of any product, they usually fail to satisfy and simply do not keep the gutters clean.

In certain situations, they may even make the problem worse.

However, the most expensive gutter protection does not necessarily mean the best gutter protection system or an ethical company to provide professional gutter guard installation and stand behind the warranty for the system.

How do you decide what company is right for you?

Best Answer:

Have a qualified company that specializes in gutter protection give you a free no no-obligation quote. (See below for things to look for when considering which company to have out to your home for an estimate.)

3 tips on how to find a qualified gutter company

Finding a Qualified Company to Provide Gutter Guard Costs

  1. Look at the company’s third-party reviews on websites such as Google, Angi, Home Advisor, Better Business Bureau, and Facebook.
    Look at the most recent and lowest-rated reviews – this will give you an indication of what you can expect from the company. Regardless of the size of a company, many bad reviews should be a red flag!
  2. Do they require all decision-makers to be present?
    If they insist on this during the appointment set-up, they use high-pressure sales tactics. High-pressure sales tactics now translate to low-quality service later.
  3. How long have they been in business?
    Experience shouldn’t be ignored. An established gutter guard company that has been serving the community for years will be there for you if you need them in the years to come.

Does Gutter Cover KC® fit the requirements above?

Please check our reputation on GOOGLE, BBB, Angi, Facebook, and Angi Leads Formally HomeAdvisor, and feel confident in choosing us to protect your gutters!

And no, we don’t require all decision-makers to be present for our free, no-pressure consultations. Our goal is to help you solve all your gutter and drainage problems, and be educational in doing so. 

We’ve been taking care of our happy customers for over 20 years and to back up our experience – Advantage Gutter Guard® comes with a lifetime warranty that gutters will not clog or we clean them for free.


“I got Gutter Cover 20 years ago. They have worked great and I haven’t ever cleaned them or anything. No water in the basement since then either.” – Andrea W. 

You’re Going to Love Our Estimate Process

Our goal is to empower you with information and options.

When we evaluate your home, we are going to make recommendations and give clear evidence for you to consider.  We understand that you want to know about all options available and get additional bids so you can feel confident that you are being treated fairly. 

Our quotes are good for at least 30 days and we promise a no-hassle assessment and quote.  Since we treat potential clients with respect, are considerate of their time, and provide good value, people regularly recommend us to friends and family!



4 Easy Steps to Finding Gutter Guard Cost


A thorough inspection to diagnose rainwater problems is performed.

During this stage, one of our professional consultants will visit your property to assess the condition of your gutters and identify any issues that need to be addressed. This inspection may involve examining the gutters for signs of clogging, debris accumulation, or water overflow.

By diagnosing these problems early on, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate and recommend the most suitable gutter guard solutions to resolve your specific rainwater issues.

Custom Plan and Design:

After the initial diagnosis, we will develop a custom plan tailored to your home’s unique needs.

This involves designing a gutter guard system that is specifically suited to your roof type, gutter size, and other relevant factors. We will also consider various aspects such as the pitch of your roof, the surrounding vegetation, and whether water is directed away from the foundation.

By creating a custom plan, we ensure that the gutter guards will be installed effectively and efficiently, maximizing their performance and longevity.

Equip You with Solutions:

Once the custom plan and design have been established, we will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the available solutions and their corresponding costs.

This step is crucial in ensuring transparency and giving you a clear understanding of what you can expect from the gutter guard installation.

Any reputable company will need to inspect your gutters and identify the issues before providing solutions or a price quote. Based on those solutions they will provide a set price that is fair and accurate from the start, and doesn’t require haggling. Communication of any possible issues that might arise helps prevent hidden costs or unexpected surprises down the line.

By offering “to-the-penny” pricing, we aim to foster trust and provide you with an accurate estimate. This allows you to make an informed decision without being subjected to high-pressure sales tactics.

Wrap it Up:

We answer all your questions and provide you with a digital estimate.

It typically takes 20-40 minutes for the inspection and evaluation and 10-20 minutes to clearly communicate our solutions. 

The total time is usually an hour or less. 

Once we answer all your questions, we will provide you with the price and email you the quote with our warranty. Once you have all the information you need, you can simply click the link in the email and accept the proposal if you wish to proceed.

“Approximately 7 years ago we had Gutter Cover install their gutter cover system. That whole experience was seamless. We have not had any issues since.” – Jennifer

Getting Your Gutter Guard Estimate: Common Questions


common gutter guard questions searched

Home-Related Questions:

Can you install your gutter guard over my existing gutters?

We can install the Advantage Gutter Guard® over all gutters in good condition. That includes K-Style and Half-Round gutters!

Won’t your ladders damage my existing gutter system?

Not at all.

We make use of ladder stabilizers and extenders. This is to make sure we don’t lean on, or put pressure on existing gutter systems. We care for each home as we would our own, and carefully navigate existing gutter systems and fascia boards.

Appointment-Related Questions:

How long does the full appointment usually take?

Altogether it usually takes an hour. The homeowner is only involved in a small portion of that.

Do I need to be home to get an estimate?

As long as we have full access to the home it’s not required, however, it is recommended. It’s easier, for example, to show exactly what’s going on and where the issue is if the homeowner is present.

Since it takes us just a few minutes to explain the custom solutions, most homeowners are happy to be present during the process.

What will I learn from the consultation?

This is what many of the people we serve say they appreciated the most about their experience with our company. We take a diagnostic approach to the home and an educational approach to explaining your customized solutions. 

Our goal is for you to learn so much about rainwater control for your home in the few minutes you spend with us that you would have called us out there just for that.

Price-Related Questions:

Why can’t you just give me a price over the phone?

Imagine calling your doctor and saying, “I’m sick. What will it cost for me to feel better?”

If he gave you a cost without asking any questions, would you feel skeptical? Of course, you would! Understanding the sickness and its underlying causes is critical to giving you the customized plan of care you deserve.

Gutter Cover KC® takes a similar approach, but we work hard to make it as simple and painless for you as possible!

Will I feel pressured to purchase?

Please don’t worry – We’re not one of those companies that stay forever and use high-pressure sales tactics. We hate that nonsense as much as you do!

It’s very rare we’re at a home longer than an hour. And most of that time is spent outside inspecting and diagnosing.

Does the estimate cost anything? Or is there an obligation with the consultation?

There’s no cost or obligation.

The estimate is good for 30 days after you receive it. We believe that people are smart and capable of making good decisions. We train our consultants to be experts in this field. 

In our experience, if we focus on truly helping you and solving your gutter problems, then you will see the value in our solutions without all that pushy ‘salesy’ nonsense.

Do you negotiate your price?

No, we do not.

This is another way of rejecting what we perceive to be a broken model in the home improvement industry. We want people to trust us – and we choose to trust others. When we give you a price, that’s what the price is based on your solution(s).

Of course, that’s not to say we never occasionally run a small brief sale or special offer of some kind. However, those are done rarely and are not large. The reason is that we have set our prices exactly where they need to be to sustain our business and care for you in the long term. 

There’s simply no room to have huge sales with prices slashed. We feel people prefer the price upfront without all the haggling and negotiation.

Do you have financing?

Yes, we usually have a plan that includes 18 months of 0% interest.

As well as another with a small interest rate over a longer period of time. Details of our financing change from time to time, as we’re always on the lookout for a better deal for our homeowners.

Product and job-related questions:

Do you offer different types of gutter guards, such as foam gutter guards, micro mesh gutter guards or brush gutter guards?

No, we don’t

Gutter Cover Kansas City® takes great pride in offering the very best when it comes to gutter system protection.

Therefore, we only install Advantage Gutter Guard ®, a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter guard. 

Unlike other inferior products on the market, the Advantage Gutter Guard ® works with surface tension. Allowing the water to defy gravity and cling onto the gutter guard (adhesion) until it is introduced to its next surface – your gutter. 

Check out our article on “Do gutter guards work” – to see how different types of guards work.

Our gutter guard system offers a long-term solution to your home’s rainwater management system.

How long does the installation process take?

The gutter guard installation time varies from job to job.

We aim to be completely done with our Advantage Gutter Guard® installations within a day, two at most. Variables to consider when it comes to installation time include the size (how many linear feet is needed) and height of the job from ground level.

Other factors such as the distance of the job site from our offices as well as any supplementary work that’s needed (such as gutters, wood repair, fascia and soffit wrap, underground drains, etc.) also need to be considered.

What is the lead time for the installation to begin? If I accept your quote today, when can I expect the installation team to be on-site?

The lead time of a job can vary quite a bit depending on variables such as time of year, weather, gutter guard materials chosen by the homeowner for the job, and whether the homeowner has other contractors (such as painters) whom we’re coordinating our schedule with.

For example: In the winter the lead time is typically less than Spring to Fall. Materials like copper can take weeks longer to get from the manufacturer than more common materials like aluminum. 

Our goal is for our homeowners to not have to wait longer than four to six weeks after accepting their quote.

The most important thing, however, is that a time frame will always be communicated to our homeowners when they are handed their estimate.

So you never have to guess or wonder when we’ll be there.

What does the installation team need from me to install gutter guards? Do they need access to electrical points or anything?

There are two things that we ask of our homeowners before we begin with any job, be it soffit and fascia repair, guttering or gutter guard installation, or other offerings in our portfolio:

1) Please make sure there are no locked gates, pets in the yard, or large obstructions blocking access to the guttering system (such as parked vehicles).

2) For gutter guard installation, we don’t need access to electricity.

However, if we are installing gutters or performing wood repairs, then our installers will need access to electricity during the installation.

An outside outlet or even an extension cord run under the garage door would be perfect. If neither of those are possible, please notify us in advance so we are able to supply a generator. 

Gutter Cover Kansas City® is Here For You

Now that you know the factors in determining gutter guard cost, how to find the best company for you and your home, and have the answers to the most common questions about getting an estimate. Are you ready to schedule your free consultation? 


Looking for more info on different types of gutter guards? Check out this article to see WHAT TYPE OF SYSTEM IS BEST FOR YOUR HOME.


Need More Proof? Our Customer’s Testimonials and Reviews Say It Better Than We Could:

See the top-rated gutter guard as endorsed by our satisfied customers. Watch testimonials on why our guard is the best choice.


Another Common Question We See Is: Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

With a gutter guard system in place, not only are you saving time and reducing danger. But you’re also gaining more peace of mind.

We believe it comes down to those things.

Additionally, overflowing gutters can do a tremendous amount of damage to a home. Not staying on top of your gutter cleaning for even one season can lead to serious damage. Such as flooded basements and foundation damage.

Another aspect is the ability to keep up with regular maintenance.

If you have trees close to or towering over your house you simply won’t be able to keep up with routine cleaning, resulting in clogged gutters.

All it takes is being out of town one time when a big rainstorm comes in and your gutter overflows. This could lead to some serious damage to your property, like getting your basement flooded. To read more about if gutter guards are worth it and see which gutter guards are worth the investment visit here:  ARE GUTTER GUARDS WORTH IT?

More Reviews From Customers:

Gibbs, St. Joseph, MO

“We were extremely pleased with the whole experience with your company, personnel, and installation of Gutter Cover. We appreciated the follow-up on all phases of the project. You all were great!!

Schneider, Raymore, MO, 3-20-19

“Our salesperson, Craig, was extremely courteous and personable. Good follow-up; made sure that he explained the product, warranty thoroughly. Matt did a great job answering any questions I had during installation. He seems to be a great guy to work with and an asset to your company.”

Pilewski, Independence, MO

“Excellent from beginning to end.”

Bennett, Butler, MO

“Very professional did a great job.”

Kurt W., Overland Park, KS, January 2021

“The gentleman who installed our covers was so kind. He was considerate of our sleeping child and was also very friendly with our dog. Awesome service!”

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