Attractive Gutter Protection Design in Kansas City and Surrounding Metro Area

Advantage Gutter Guard® Provides Attractive Gutter Protection in Kansas City

How the Advantage Gutter Guard® looks on your home is as important to us as to how it functions. Our attractive gutter protection is not only functional but beautiful on any home.

The sleek, low profile design allows for an almost invisible installation that gives a clean, finished appearance between the roof and gutter line. A key to the invisibility factor is matching the roof.  By blending with the roof, it creates the effect of continuing the roof line, so the gutter protection is barely visible.  When the color does not match the roof, it often stands out like a sore thumb.  This is often the case with all in one gutter protection systems because they usually match the gutter rather than the roof.  They are also sometimes installed far below the roof line, and so stand out more.

The special design of Advantage Gutter Guard® adds to the appearance of any type of roof: tile, metal, slate, concrete, stone coated steel, wood, and composition! Gutter Cover Kansas City is proud to provide not just a gutter protection system that works, but one that looks great and has an attractive design too!

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