Gutter Protection For A Historical Home

 Gutter Protection for a Historical Home in Weston, Missouri.

Historical homes are especially valuable to the community because of the stories they tell and the people that have walked through their doors. Protecting these homes is important, so we make sure to offer gutter protection for historical homes.

Gutter and Gutter Protection installed on historic Weston Steamboat Inn
Black K-Style Guttering and Gutter Protection

One such home is the Weston Steamboat Inn-a Historical Bed & Breakfast nestled near the adorable town of Weston and luxurious treed hiking paths. The homeowners chose us to replace their gutters and add gutter protection. While we were there many of our team members had the privilege of touring this little getaway tucked in the Autumn trees.

We thought we’d share our experience and a little history of this historical home so that you can see why protecting it with the best gutter protection system in town was crucial.

As you walk up to Weston Steamboat Inn, there are potted plants overflowing with color and lights strung above the porch.

The house itself was originally built when the Missouri river wound up to the town of Weston. At that time, Steamboats were a major industry, and Weston, Missouri was the hub. That is why a wealthy Steamboat owner built this beautiful home that we now know as the Weston Steamboat Inn.

Many of the things within the B & B are still original – including a beautiful painting done by the original owner’s daughter. As you walk through the door and look out the windows of the kitchen and onto the back porch, you can imagine the 19th-century family sitting outside, painting the rolling Missouri hills and enjoying the autumn leaves drift by.

If you are a lover of history and charm, you will thoroughly enjoy discovering all the little nods to the past.

While much of the charm and history is still intact, Weston Steamboat Inn still provides comfort and modern luxury. The kitchen is modern and beautiful. And even more importantly, the breakfasts that roll out of this kitchen are absolutely delightful. There is a special, hand-crafted menu daily.

The two upstairs suites are luxurious and cozy. The largest bedroom has a large, sparkling bathroom with a deep claw-footed tub, beaconing for a relaxing soak. This bedroom also has its own lounge room with historic furniture and a fireplace.

The proprietors really care about your experience and care about the history of this home.

That is why we were so honored to be chosen to be a new piece of history with this home. They chose black k-style gutters which look absolutely stunning on this house. The gutters themselves look like yet another piece of crown molding for the home.

Gutter and Gutter Protection installed on historic Weston Steamboat Inn
Black K-Style Guttering and Gutter Protection


Additionally, they decided to install Advantage Gutter Guard ® Gutter Protection to protect the home from debris, water damage, mold, and mildew. The owners know this historical home is a piece of art that must be well maintained. For a home to last, it must be protected from clogged gutters and overflowing rainwater.  If rain water is not directed away from the structure of the home, it can cause extensive damage. They were happy that Advantage Gutter Guard ® could provide a high level of protection from clogged, overflowing gutters, by keeping debris from clogging the gutter.

Half-Round Guttering


So if you own a historical home and are wondering if gutter protection will take away from its charm, rest assured that our gutter and gutter protection system only enhances the home’s beauty. In fact, we offer a style of guttering called ‘half round’ which looks perfect on historical homes because of its old-world charm and decorative flare. Not to mention there are 34 color options to choose from.  So whether you want your gutters to blend into the roofline or stand out as a decorative piece, you can customize it according to your taste.

Want to see how our patented gutter protection system works in person? Schedule your free consultation today with one of our guttering experts for a demonstration and explanation of our product.