Gutter protection on home additions

A home addition can be a dream come true for a homeowner.

Home additions can be many things including a garage, sun room, new porch area, or just enlarging a room you already have on your home. These rooms are special and can be customized to the homeowners wish. Like with everything new, you want it to be protected and stay in prime condition for as long as possible.

Most, if not all home additions are going to need guttering. This way the space will be protected from water, which can cause wood rot, mold, and a lot of stress for a homeowner. Selecting the right size of gutter is very important, taking into consideration the addition size, amount of roof, and area that water is being directed away from. Depending on the surrounding area, you might want to consider installing gutter protection. A heavily treed yard with lots of debris and uneven ground or high guttering that might make climbing a ladder unsafe, are excellent reasons to look into gutter protection.

When looking into gutter guards, what customization is available?

We recently installed gutter and Advantage Gutter Guard® on a beautiful home in Leawood, Kansas. Like many homes in this area, it was getting a room addition on the back of the home. Since the homeowner was installing guttering, they made the wise decision to protect their new addition with gutter guards. This will help protect the brand new fascia, soffit, siding and windows. It will also keep the water from pouring over clogged gutters and damaging the new foundation. We appreciate having a flexible gutter protection system that makes it possible to cover a few sections at time. This enables us to customize our plan to the customer’s needs.

The homeowner was able to go ahead and get gutters on the new room addition and protect them with Advantage Gutter Guards®. Moving forward the home owner plans to cover the front side of the house as well.  Homeowners may only have certain areas that clog, or may only be able to afford to do a little at a time. This enables us to still meet their needs.


We can cove home additions with gutter guards after photo of home addition getting gutter guards

Choosing the right company that specializes in gutter and gutter protection should be a priority for a homeowner.

Gutter Cover of Kansas City has enjoyed working with many contracting companies and homeowners to make sure the job is done right. We install guttering, gutter guards, fascia repair, and underground drain. We also offer a life time warranty for our gutter protection. As a result, the homeowner will never have to worry about getting on a ladder to clean gutters again.

In conclusion, make sure your dream home addition is protected the best it can be. So the dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare down the road!