Lake Quivira Gutter Protection

The Community of Lake Quivira Getting Gutter Protection

This past week Gutter Cover Kansas City® was out at the private community of Lake Quivira installing gutter protection. Below is a photo of the home before the job began.


home in lake quivira community


A little history about Lake Quivira thanks to their site.

“Lake Quivira began in 1922 as a vision and dream of one man, Charles Gault…

His vision, “A lake of the finest water in this part of Kansas”.  With the dedication and determination of Victor Clark and William Drummond, Gault’s dream became a reality with the completion of the physical features critical to the community then called Quivira; the Dam (June, 1929), the Clubhouse (September 1930), Crescent Beach (July 1930), and the Golf Course (nine holes, early summer 1930, with the completion of 18 holes in July 1931). Although the sale of lots boomed from 1928-1930, home construction did not. Slowly homes were built and the original homes were built in clusters. By the 1950s, Quivira had evolved into a residential community with the golf course reserved for members only. In 1966, Quivira became a gated, private community. Then on July 12, 1971, by unanimous vote, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved the incorporation of Lake Quivira as a third class city.

Today, Lake Quivira has 394 households with residents enjoying an abundance of amenities, the lifestyle, and the camaraderie of a family oriented community.  However, you don’t have to live in Lake Quivira to enrich your lifestyle. Non-residents can enjoy the same abundant amenities and be part of a family-friendly community as a member of Lake Quivira Country Club.”

Lake Quivira Gutter Protection Install

Due to this being a larger job; we had a crew of installers rather than just one technician doing the job. This came in handy when installing on the areas really high up on the home.
gutter cover crew at lake quivira
On the job at the lake, we were installing on a dark metal roof. To go with this roof style it was recommended to install gutter guard in Bronze. Also, since it is on a lake, we had to set up the 40-foot ladder. This helped us to reach a couple of high sections.  Finally, below are a few pictures of the job being completed and the ladders were used.
 gutter protection in lake quivira
After completing the installation.
gutter protection in lake quivira