Gutter Something – What’s In a Name?

On a recent Call for Action news segment on 41 KSHB, there was a report regarding a complaint against an installer of Gutterglove, a product that covers the gutters to keep leaves out. The person had fraudulently installed an inferior product instead of what was sold and what was expected by the homeowners. In fact he had three different products installed on a home.  In the introduction, Mark Clegg and Christa Dubill repeatedly referred to the product as “gutter covers” which might lead some people to mistakenly think the story was about our company, Gutter Cover of Kansas City.  Here is the link if you want to check it out.

 Gutter Cover of Kansas city offers the best gutter cover protection system available.  You can be assured we will never substitute an inferior product.  We will not even down sell to an inferior product as some of our competitors do.  The only product we use is The Gutter Cover™  because it is proven and guaranteed to work year after year, as our thousands of customers in Kansas City can confirm. Please check out the many testimonials and reviews on our website,, and Google, Yahoo, etc.

 The best thing about our company name is the name, The Gutter Cover™ or Gutter Cover of Kansas City, because it describes what we do.  The worst thing about our company name is the name, because it could be considered generic and consumers might get us confused with other companies that also have “gutter” in their name.  Many people use “gutter cover” as a generic term to refer to a gutter protection system, as they did in this Call for Action segment.

 Not only do we offer a gutter cover, we offer The Gutter Cover™, Kansas City’s premier gutter guard product.  The Gutter Cover™ is made in the USA, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have earned Angie’s List Super Service Award four times.  There are many gutter guards, leaf guards, and screens that do not work, and contractors that you cannot trust.  You can be confident Gutter Cover of Kansas City cares about our customers, our product and our reputation.