How Does Hail Effect Advantage Gutter Guard® Protection System

How does hail affect The Gutter Cover Gutter Protection System?

If the hail storm is severe enough to damage the roof, it may, or may not do damage to Advantage Gutter Guard®. Advantage Gutter Guard® is covered by home insurance if it is damaged and needs to be replaced, just like the roof.  In some cases, the system is not damaged enough to warrant replacement.

What happens to Advantage Gutter Guard® when a new roof is installed?

When a new roof is installed, we remove and reinstall Advantage Gutter Guard®.  If the new roof is due to storm damage, it will be covered by home insurance.  The removal and re-installation of Advantage Gutter Guard® will also be covered by insurance if it is due to storm damage.

Why is this necessary? 

To prevent damage to Advantage Gutter Guard® during installation of the new roof.