How Does Hail Effect The Gutter Cover Protection System

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In our last blog about Terrie R. and her experience with The Gutter Cover, we noted she had enjoyed seven years of not cleaning her gutters.  However, she then experienced a hail storm that damaged her roof.  This raises a few questions:

How does hail affect The Gutter Cover Gutter Protection System?

If the hail storm is severe enough to damage the roof, it may, or may not do damage to The Gutter Cover.  The Gutter Cover is covered by home insurance if it is damaged and needs to be replaced, just like the roof.  In some cases, the system is not damaged enough to warrant replacement.  In Terrie’s case, even though the roof was replaced, she only needed to replace 20 feet of The Gutter Cover.  So at times, only some of the system may need to be replaced.  In other cases, the entire system may be damaged enough to need replacement.

What happens to The Gutter Cover when a new roof is installed?

When a new roof is installed, we remove and reinstall The Gutter Cover.  If the new roof is due to storm damage, it will be covered by home insurance.  The removal and reinstallation of The Gutter Cover will also be covered by insurance if it is due to storm damage.

Why is this necessary? 

To prevent damage to The Gutter Cover during installation of the new roof. 

Terrie and House

So what were Terri’s comments after the job was complete?

“Jason and Josh did a great job and went the extra mile.”

On our installation evaluation she gave 5+ on a scale of 1-5 for the following:

Did they show up in a timely manner? 5+

Were they professional and courteous?  5+

Did they show respect for your property?  5+

Did they clean up all the gutter debris from your yard?  5+

Are you satisfied with the installation?  5+

Would you recommend us?  5+

We appreciate her kind feedback!