How to Keep Bird Nests Out of the Gutter

Do you get bird nests in your gutters?

True, birds are adorable fluttering through the trees. It’s fun to watch baby birds hatch and learn to fly. However, when a bird decides to build its home in our gutters, it is a different story.

The Problem with Bird Nests in the Gutters

over-flowing-gutters-cause-flooded-basements-as-seen-in-this-photo-where-a-couch-coffee-table-and-plant-are-floating-in-waterDangerous For Your Home:

Even if the rest of your gutters are clean, a birds nest can cause serious overflow problems for your gutters. 

Overflowing Gutters Cause Problems Like:

– Flooded basements

– Foundation damage

– Rotten siding

– Mold

– Water spots

– Soil erosion



Dangerous For The Birds:

According to Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, birds can get stuck in downspouts and get trapped. We certainly don’t want that to happen to any bird, especially hatchlings!

mama bird sitting in it's nest in the gutter with two baby birds

How to Keep Bird Nests Out of the Gutters 

Birds love to return the same nesting grounds time and again. So if you’ve ever had a bird build their home in your gutters – beware: this is going to be a regular thing. The only way to prevent a bird from building their nest there again is to make it undesirable, or even better impossible.


Fake owls and snakes may scare birds away. They even have motion sensor decoys that produce noise and movement. These may scare away new birds, but if you have a habitual nester, they may persevere long enough to figure out the trick.

Bird Spikes

These are large spikes that look like an intense barb wire that attaches to the lip of the gutter. The purpose is of these spikes is to prevents bird from having an easy perch while building their home. This will deter birds, but it will also likely deter you (or anyone you try to hire) from the necessary task of cleaning your gutters.   

Install Solid Gutter Covers to Prevent Bird Nests

The number one solution for preventing bird’s nests is to install solid gutter covers. We say solid, because we have found many bird’s nests on top of screen-style gutter covers. They actually love it- it’s easier for them to weave their nest within the mesh. 

Advantage Gutter Guard® is a completely solid, smooth surface heavy gauge aluminum. It is not a flat surface, but has a slight slope to it. This makes it a very slippery surface to build a nest on – in fact, most breezes will take away nesting materials immediately. 

Although birds can be persistent, there are no openings they can fit into to attempt to build a nest. The slot where water flows around the nose of the cover is protected by the nose-forward design. These birdies are just going to have to find a nearby tree to roost from now on.

advantage gutter guard close up photo

Eliminate Bird Nests and Gutter Cleaning

Ready to end the bird nest battle? Get Advantage Gutter Guard® – it comes with the added bonus of not having to clean your gutters ever again. Healthy guttering system = healthy home + happy home owner. While the birds might be perturbed at first, they’ll likely find a safer, more peaceful roost.

Save the birds, save the headache – get Advantage Gutter Guard®