Gutter Guard Installation for Blue Springs Homes

Gutter Cover Kansas City provides the best gutter guard for Blue Springs homeowners. Our solid gutter protection has proved itself on home after home in the Kansas City Metro for many years.

We Are Dedicated to Protecting Homeowners: We start with identifying what your unique gutter problems are. Our estimators look to find hidden issues with your gutters that may be causing damage to your home. The education of homeowners is important to us. We are about fixing the problem, not just selling a product. Therefore, we do a full examination of your guttering system to identify areas that need correction. Are your gutters big enough? Do you have enough downspouts? Do they drain away from your home? With our 21-point inspection we address these issues first, then we provide solutions.

Our Quality Conscious Technicians Care About Your Home: Our trained technicians are professional, they work hard to take care of your home. Also, they are efficient and know how to correct your guttering problems and provide permanent gutter protection.  We guarantee your gutters will remain clean and free-flowing.  As a result, you can have peace of mind your gutters are doing the job of keeping water away from your home.

We Have Years of Experience:  Our office has been located in Lee’s Summit for the past 20+ Years. As a local, family-owned business we are honored to offer award-winning customer service and to have thousands of satisfied customers in Blue Springs & the greater Kansas City Metro.

We have a 5 Star Reputation: Please check out our reviews below to see how much we care about our customers:

Gutter Cover KC® 5-Star Reputation

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Common Blue Springs Gutter Problems We Solve

Wet Basements/Foundation Issues – We correct this problem by listening to the homeowner and what their issues are. Many times wet basements are caused by water pouring over gutters around the foundation and causing pressure on the foundation walls. Gutter Cover KC fully evaluates the house to determine exactly what is happening and we find a solution to help direct water away from the home.

Gutter Clogs – We solve this problem by providing Advantage Gutter Guard® to keep debris from clogging your gutters – guaranteed. Gutters clogged by tree debris can cause a lot of damage.

Undersized Gutters – We solve this problem by taking the measurements of the roof into consideration to find the right size of gutters for your home. In a big rain, the gutters might not be able to keep up with the amount of water the roof is dumping into the gutters. Gutters overwhelmed with more rainwater than the can handle will pour over and pool around the foundation.

Damaged or Improperly Sloped Gutters – Our quality-minded craftsmen will repair or replace your gutters to make sure they are handling rainwater efficiently and doing their job of protecting your home. Gutters can be damaged by falling trees or branches or pulled loose by heavy ice and snow.  Ladders leaned against them can cause damage too. Gutter spikes can slowly loosen over the years as well.

Ladders – We can solve this problem by taking away the chore of cleaning your gutters. Our lifetime warranty protects gutters from ever clogging again. We think almost everyone has heard a story of someone either falling off a ladder cleaning gutters or almost falling and getting a big scare. Let us help you stay safe and off the ladder.

What makes Advantage Gutter Guard® Protection Work on Homes in Blue Springs?

Made for Blue Springs Weather:  Using surface tension our gutter guard has been third-party tested proving Advantage Gutter Guard® is built to handle 3x the water volume of a typical Blue Springs rainstorm. Even in heavy downpours and heavy snow, your gutters will be protected.  In addition, thanks to our extra-heavy bracket design, it can provide support for the gutter even under the weight of 12 feet of snow.

Made for Blue Springs Trees: The Lifetime Warranty guarantees your gutters will never clog. Since Advantage Gutter Guard® is a solid gutter guard it is your permanent solution for protection. It is purposefully designed to keep out all debris including large maple leaves and maple seeds, pine needles, oak tassels, flowers, squirrels, birds, and anything else Blue Springs’s beautiful trees dish out.

Advantage Gutter Guard® by Gutter Cover KC® is a solid gutter guard. With years of experience working with gutter protection, this design was engineered to provide the results of a truly superior gutter protection system. It has no openings on the top and is made of heavy gauge aluminum or copper. Advantage Gutter Guard® is intentionally designed to be the best to protect our customers.

Made for Blue Springs Aesthetic: Advantage Gutter Guard® is beautiful on  K-Style and Half-Round gutters. With 33 colors, including copper, it will hardly be noticeable with any roof or trim. It will complement all roof types – tile, concrete, metal, wood, and composition. Whether your home in Blue Springs is a farmhouse, traditional, modern, or historical – we’ve got you covered!™

What Will Advantage Gutter Guard® Look Like?

Why should you be interested in a gutter guard for your home in Blue Springs?

Not having to clean your gutters gives you peace of mind that your home in Blue Springs, Missouri is protected from wood rot, water damage, wet basements, and foundation damage caused by clogged gutters.  It also keeps you or a loved one from climbing a dangerous ladder several times a year.  Our gutter guard protection provides you with more time to enjoy some of the special places nearby such as Lake Jacomo, Blue Springs Lake, Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center, or Missouri Town 1855. Start your free consultation today and never worry about gutter cleaning again.

Our consultations are completely free and educational. Plan on it taking an hour or less.

What you get:

  • A thorough 21+ point inspection of your guttering system
  • A Plan Design and Quote with solutions to solve your guttering problems
  • No Hassling

Finally, Gutter Cover Kansas City backs its work with people who care about your home and quality installation and service. In conclusion, we are interested in treating you like we would like to be treated.  No high-pressure salesmen.  Our estimators are informative, nice people who care about solving your water control problems with effective solutions.

Start Your Gutter Estimate Today

Still, Looking for more information on gutter guards? Check out our guide on what to look for when shopping for gutter guards.


Notice what some of your Blue Springs neighbors have said:

“A very professional organization.”-R. Carey, Blue Springs, MO

“We are so excited for our gutter guards and have heard wonderful things about your company.  The installer was very kind and professional and work very diligently to finish the job in one day.  Thank you so much.”-T. South, Blue Springs, MO