The Best Gutter Guard for Greenwood Homes

Advantage Gutter Guard™ is the best gutter guard for your home in Greenwood, Missouri. Why? Because it works on home after home, year after year!  Notably, Gutter Cover of Kansas City has used this effective gutter guard system on thousands of homes. Additionally, our gutter protection has been installed for over fifteen years in and around Kansas City.  Protecting homeowners is the backbone of our company. Therefore, we chose this amazing product because it was already a proven gutter guard system. It was designed after years of working with similar products.

Advantage Gutter Guard™ gutter guard has special features to make it effective for your home in Greenwood:

Sturdy all-metal cover and bracket make it strong enough to hold up to the elements like wind and heavy snow

It is specifically designed to be low profile and to add to the beauty of any home

Guaranteed to keep gutters clean and free-flowing, lifetime, transferable warranty

Solid – no openings to become clogged with debris

Versatile Design – works with any roof style or architecture

Greenwood homeowners need to protect their homes from water damage caused by clogged guttering. As a result, we work to be the fully comprehensive guttering and gutter protection experts. By addressing underlying problems we hope to prevent larger problems. As opposed to just putting a band-aid on the problem. Therefore, our estimators will do a thorough inspection of your gutter system and help you find answers for your home. Additionally, each job is handled by a professional, trained installer. One who works diligently to give you the best gutter protection available.

An interesting historical fact about Greenwood according to In 1900 Greenwood had two train depots that averaged 100 trains in 24 hours! That’s pretty amazing! Greenwood also is home to James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, it hosts the following activities:  boat rental, picnic areas including three pavilions, numerous fishing jetties, two fishing docks, an archery range, and 11 lakes and for fishing.  With so many opportunities available in your neighborhood, not to mention antique shopping, why waste any more time on a dangerous ladder? Get out there and enjoy time with your family. Let us take care of the gutters! Please give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate – 816-246-7881.