In Holden, you have small-town charm and all the weather diversity you can hope for—from hot, humid summers to cold, snowy winters. The abundance of vegetation and heavy rainfall make the perfect ingredients for clogged gutters, while the weight of severe snowfall really tests the integrity of your gutters. 

This is why the installation of high-quality, solid gutter covers under the watchful eye of Gutter Cover KC is a must for Holden, MO homeowners.

Key Benefits of Advantage Gutter Guard® – Holden, MO Homeowners:

Enhanced Gutter Protection: Our premium Advantage Gutter Guard® is crafted from durable heavy-gauge aluminum or copper, offering exceptional protection to keep gutters free of debris.

Variety of Styles and Enhances Home Aesthetics: With 33 available colors, and copper, the Advantage Gutter Guard® enhances the aesthetic of any gutter system and home style in Holden, combining functionality with visual appeal. Our high quality gutter materials will stand the test of time. 

Tailored Gutter Services for Local Homes: We specialize in custom gutter solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the greater Kansas City area, particularly those in heavily wooded areas like Holden. We also provide new gutters if your existing gutters need replacing. 

Detailed Inspections and Informative Guidance: Our comprehensive 21-point inspections pinpoint potential issues while we educate homeowners on preventive measures, ensuring they are well-equipped to maintain their homes. We will provide you with free estimates on all gutter work and repairs. 

Over Two Decades of Proven Expertise: We are an owner-operated business with more than 20 years dedicated to preventing clogs and customer satisfaction. As the local pros, our quality work boasts a 5-star rating and a legacy of delighted customers throughout Holden and its surrounding areas.


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Gutter problems unique to Holden

Ice dams in winter

During the cold Missouri winters, ice damming can be a significant problem. This occurs when heat from the attic melts the snow on the roof, causing water to trickle down and refreeze in the gutters. Over time, ice builds up and blocks the flow of water. Potentially leading to water seeping into the home, which can cause extensive damage. 

Over time, we’ve learned the best way to deal with ice dams are as follows:

1) Identify & Seal Air Leaks

Ice dams are created by warm air escaping from your living space to the attic. Your first step to preventing ice dams is identifying air leaks. You will likely want to hire an energy professional to evaluate and address these issues. When you hire an energy professional contractor, they should:

Conduct a blower door test: this will evaluate how airtight your ceiling is.

Use an infrared camera to find places in the ceiling where there is excessive heat loss.

Once the leaks are identified, you can move forward with sealing the areas that are leaking. Most often the leak comes via: exhaust systems, chimneys, or other ducts.

2) Natural Roof Ventilation

Ventilation allows for heat transfer and uniform roof temperatures. Ensure your home has proper venting running along the length of the home.

There are two types of vents you will need:

    • Soffit vents: The soffit is the underside part of the roof’s eaves. 
    • Ridge vent: These vents are installed along the ridge of the roof. 

Both types of vents work together to create a vacuum that pulls cold air up through the soffit and through the roof ridge vents. 

The result: removal of the stagnant heat that builds up at the roof’s ridge and is the culprit behind ice dams.

Pine needle debris

When you have water in the basement and huge pines near the house, the first thing you investigate is the gutters. Gutters are often clogged up with pine needles. Clogged gutters can lead to overflowing gutters. Once this is dealt with, the problems in the basement will often clear up.

If this was the only hazard it would be enough to deal with, but the pine needles are also loved by insects and other pests such as rodents because they make great nests. What’s the best solution for dealing with clogged gutters caused by pine needles?

We recommend Advantage Gutter Guard® because it is designed to keep debris like pine needles from clogging your gutters. It is a solid guard that blocks debris from entering the gutter. The surface is made of solid, rust-free aluminum, available in 33 colors and copper, that blend with your home. Because it is solid and not perforated, it prevents pine needles and debris from getting trapped in little openings, as it does when there are holes, screens, or mesh. 

The nose of Advantage Gutter Guard ® is designed to go slightly past the front edge of the gutter, ensuring needles and other debris slide off the guard and fall harmlessly to the ground.

Testimonials from satisfied Holden customers

M. Dirksen, Blue Springs, MO

Installation team was great. Talked me through the process and made sure I was aware of issues or delays due to weather. Always respectful and seemed very dedicated to completing a great job…now just waiting on a big rain to see how the gutter system performs.

S. Erikson, Blue Springs, MO

Very thorough and did what you told us you would do when you told us. That’s unusual anymore.

See our customer testimonials on why ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® IS THE TOP-RATED GUTTER GUARD IN KANSAS CITY. Join our customers in improving your home’s defense with superior leaf guard protection. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to lasting peace of mind.

Advantage Gutter Guard® Warranty & Reputation

Advantage Gutter Guard® System – Ideal For Holden 

Lifetime Warranty and Adaptability to Local Weather: The Advantage Gutter Guard® is guaranteed for ‘no-clog for life’, effectively withstanding the varied weather conditions of Holden, from intense rainstorms to heavy snow.

Our product is made from high-quality aluminum or copper, which can hold the water weight of 3x the typical mid-western storm. Its strength is reinforced by using a sturdy aluminum bracket (but we don’t penetrate the roof to do this). 

Third-party tested to handle 122 lbs. of pressure per linear foot, it PROTECTS GUTTERS FROM THE WEIGHT OF ICE AND SNOW. To put that into perspective, it can support 4 feet of solid ice or 12 feet of snow stacked on top of it.

This means that not only will Advantage Gutter Guard® protect your home and guttering system, but it will not break down and need to be replaced like plastic or flimsy metal gutter guards. Our high-quality materials provide a long-term solution.

Meet Our Holden Gutter Guard Team 


Our consultations are completely free and educational. Better yet, we keep them short and sweet – plan on an hour or less. We do a thorough 21-point check during the inspection. 

Our goal is to identify the source of rainwater issues and to work together to create a custom plan to stop these problems forever. The consultant is looking for hidden causes and seeking to get to the root of the problem. No temporary bandage solutions here! We provide lasting results.

Unless you want to address your individual questions and unique issues with our consultant, you do not need to be there in person. However, it is recommended because you know your gutter problems best, and it often takes less time for you to get your questions answered. We can also do a video call on-site if that will be more convenient for you.

Full List of Products For Our Holden Clients


See our portfolio here.

FAQS for Holden Gutter Guards

Does Gutter Cover KS have technicians in Holden?

Gutter Cover KC’s head office is in Lees Summit, MO. However, our technicians are based in various cities around the Kansas City Metro. (Both in Missouri and Kansas). 

Does Gutter Cover KC specialize in seamless gutters?

Yes. We have a range of seamless gutters including k-style, half-round, galvalume, and copper gutters. Copper gutters are rust, mold, and fungi resistant which helps to protect your home during those hot, humid Holden summers. 

Can gutter guards eliminate the need for routine cleaning?

Yes, quality gutter guards like Advantage Gutter Guard® can significantly reduce and even eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning by keeping debris out of your gutters. A quick spray with a water hose is usually all you need 1-2 times annually to keep your gutter cover clean. In addition, your warranty will guarantee that if there ever was a clog, we will come and do all the cleaning for you!  

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