The Best Leaf Guard to Protect Homeowners in Pleasant Hill

Many homeowners in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, have found that the best leaf guard to protect their property is Advantage Gutter Guard®.  Founded well over 150 years ago, Pleasant Hill is home to many fine historic buildings and stately trees.  Certainly, trees are vital to the environment, but those falling leaves can wreak havoc on a gutter systems.

Leaves, twigs, and nests can stop up a gutter system causing water to overflow.  When this happens consistently over a period of time, it can ruin the exterior of a home. In addition, it creates foundation issues – perhaps even allowing WATER IN THE BASEMENT.  Our patented gutter guard installation will help prevent such potential damage because it allows rainwater to flow freely through the gutters.  Our gutter protection is guaranteed not to clog, so you never have to do gutter cleaning again. 

Advantage Gutter Guard® is designed strong to hold up to severe weather 

Interestingly, Pleasant Hill is home to the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, Missouri office.  Notably, it serves 37 counties in northern and western Missouri.  As well as 7 counties in extreme east-central Kansas.  In the Kansas City metro, we all know how wicked the weather can be.  That is why homeowners should protect their homes from heavy rain, tree debris, and water damage

Our gutter system guard installation can play a key role in protecting existing gutters the gutter system as it actually STRENGTHENS the gutters.  When freezing rain or snow builds up in the gutters, the weight can stress inferior gutter materials such as plastic. As a result, gutters may pull loose or detach from the house. When you install gutter guards it reinforces the gutter.  Additionally, it blocks the snow from entering the gutter, providing year-round protection.

To properly maintain the gutters, one may need to clean them out several times a year.  This is a task that is time consuming, dirty and involves working from a ladder. Of course, that is a hazard in itself.  Having Advantage Gutter Guard® installed on your home will provide peace of mind. It is made from quality materials such as aluminum or copper and since it is a solid gauge gutter guard, it blocks debris from entering your gutters. There is so much to see and do around Pleasant Hill including the TRAILS that can be enjoyed by hiking, biking or riding horseback. 

Please call our office at 816-246-7881 to make your appointment for a free estimate.  A friendly estimator will perform a 23-point inspection of your gutters and explain why our leaf guard system is the best.

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FAQS for Gutter Guards in Pleasant Hill, MO

Does Gutter Cover KS have a branch in Pleasant Hill?

Gutter Cover KS’ head office is based in Lees Summit MO, but our installers are based in various cities around Kansas City & Missouri (such as Holden, Blue Springs, Savanna, Mission Hills and others). We are happy to drive to you to do an assessment and provide a quote free of charge for the Pleasant Hill area

What other gutter services does Gutter Cover KC have ?

We do gutter installations, gutter repair, soffit and fascia repair, silent downspouts and assess water drainage for your property. If you have inferior-material gutters installed we can replace the existing gutters and update not only the functionality but the aesthetics of your home with our copper gutters or manufacture your new gutters from a range of 32 colors to match the exterior of your home. We can also install seamless gutters such as K-style or half-round gutters.