What is the best gutter guard in Independence?

Protecting homeowners for over fifteen years, Advantage Gutter Guard™ is proven to be the best gutter guard in Independence and surrounding areas. With many mature trees, Independence residents need reliable gutter protection to keep their homes maintained. Clogged and overflowing gutters cause foundation problems, wet basements, and wood rot. Because gutters are one of the most important systems on a home, they must be properly maintained. However, cleaning gutters are time-consuming and dangerous. Finding reliable help to maintain guttering is difficult and quickly adds up in cost.

Why invest in a gutter guard with a proven track record?

Investing in a gutter guard with a lifetime warranty and proven track record makes sense.  It pays for itself quickly. Even more quickly, if overflowing gutters are undermining the foundation. Equally important, preventing a fall could save thousands. Not to mention possible permanent injury and time off work. In addition, Advantage Gutter Guard™ provides peace of mind every time it rains, that water is not getting in your basement or rotting the eaves.

Many people feel gutter guards don’t work because they have tried the screens and mesh.  These temporary solutions fail over time. However, thousands of customers in Kansas City, with 297 installations in Independence alone, have permanent protection with Advantage Gutter Guard™ gutter protection system.  Because of it’s patented design it keeps out leaves, sticks and other debris.  Even heavy rains flow easily into the gutter and away from your home.  It is extremely durable, ready to handle heavy snow and ice.  Since you want protection, not ugly gutters, it is extremely low profile and adds to the appearance of any home.  It works beautifully with any type of roof.

Would you rather be cleaning gutters or spending time with your family at the K or Arrowhead Stadium? Perhaps you want to be outdoors hiking/biking at Landahl Mountain Bike Park or Little Blue Trace Trail. Whatever you enjoy, the staff at Gutter Cover of Kansas City wants you to be free from cleaning gutters and have time for yourself.  Please give us a call for a free, easy estimate – 816-246-7881.