A Gutter Guard System for Your Home in Lansing, Kansas

Whether you are looking for gutters or gutter guards in the Lansing area or around the eastern part of Leavenworth County; The attractive design of Advantage Gutter Guard™ can provide you with the gutter protection that you have been searching for! No matter the size, roof type, or style of your home, we can provide a gutter guard installation with a lifetime warranty!

Let’s face it, all families in the Lansing area deserve freedom from cleaning their gutters. From once to multiple times a year, the chore of cleaning your gutters can be a nightmare. Neglecting gutters can lead to wet basements, cracked and settling foundations, and wood rot. However, with an effective gutter guard in place, you can enjoy a night out at the Lansing DAZE Festival or Lansing’s Fall Festival, formerly known as “Autumn in the Grove.”

Benefits of Advantage Gutter Guard™ in Lansing, Kansas

Technicians thoroughly clean the gutters and downspouts, prior to installation

Existing gutters are inspected and repaired, checked for proper drainage, and firmly attached to the home

Engineered to reinforce and strengthen the gutter system

The team is fully covered by Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance

Specifically designed to be low profile and beautiful on every home

Backed by Lifetime Warranty that gutters will remain clean and free flowing

Experience in providing gutter guard protection in Lansing – Gutter Cover of Kansas City

In Conclusion, the professionals at Gutter Cover of Kansas City have fifteen years experience in gutter protection. Because Advantage Gutter Guard™ works, we have successfully installed it on thousands of homes in and around Kansas City. Lastly, our many positive reviews on Google, BBB and Angie’s List provide peace of mind that we want the best for our customers.  To get rid of the worry of cleaning gutters, call today for your free estimate. 816-246-7881.

Hear from your neighbors in Lansing, Kansas

“I was extremely satisfied with the prompt service and professionalism shown by the installer. I’ve had gutter covers for 15 years without any problems.” Patrick L