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Leawood homeowners need a reliable gutter guard to protect their homes. Leawood is known for its great shopping, restaurants, and first and foremost- its beautiful homes! That’s why our goal at Gutter Cover KC® is providing protection through rainwater management. By preventing clogged, overflowing gutters, our gutter protection allows your gutters to do their job of directing rainwater away from your home. This helps prevent wood rot, water damage, mildew, foundation and landscaping issues.

Our patented product- Advantage Gutter Guard® is a home run if you’re sick and tired of cleaning out your gutters year after year. It’s a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum (or copper) gutter guard that extends slightly past the edge of your gutters to completely block out all debris from entering your gutters. How does the water get in? Using the principle of surface tension, water is pulled back in a reverse curve direction into your gutters even in the heaviest of rains.

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Gutter Guard Made for Leawood

Made for Leawood Trees: Since Advantage Gutter Guard® is a Solid Gutter Guard it is a Permanent Solution. It is purposefully designed to keep out all debris including pine needles, whirlybirds, oak tassels, flowers, squirrels, birds and anything else Leawood’s beautiful trees dish out.  The Lifetime Warranty guarantees your gutters will never clog.

Made for Leawood Weather:  Even in heavy downpours and heavy snow, your gutters will be protected. Using the physics of surface tension it has been third-party tested proving Advantage Gutter Guard® is built to handle 3x the water volume of a typical Leawood rainstorm. In addition, thanks to the extra-heavy bracket design, it can provide support for the gutter even under the weight of 12 feet of snow.

Made for Leawood Aesthetic: Advantage Gutter Guard® is beautiful on  K-Style and Half-Round gutters. With 33 colors, including copper, it will blend beautifully with any roof or trim. It will complement all roof types – tile, concrete, metal, wood, composition. Whether your home in Leawood is farmhouse, traditional, modern, or historical – we’ve got you covered! ™

What Products and Services Do We Offer In Leawood?

Advantage Gutter Guard- Completely solid, heavy-gauge aluminum gutter guard – your permanent Leawood gutter protection solution. It comes with a lifetime warranty that your gutters will never clog. After years working with gutter protection, this system was engineered to meet the requirements of a truly superior gutter protection system. It not only keeps out debris, but it also adds to the beauty of the home acting as a piece of crown molding does to the inside of the home. Take a look at our portfolio to see for yourself how attractive our gutter system is.

Aluminum Guttering- Available in K-Style or Half-Round Design. K-Style is your classic standard gutter, sometimes referred to as “Ogee Style” while Half-Round adds a decorative flare that you don’t see on many homes. We use only heavy-gauge aluminum so they’re both sturdy and rustproof. Available in 34 color options.

Copper Guttering- Available in K-Style and Half-Round Design. They are 6-inch and seamless. Our luxurious copper gutters add a luxurious look to your home.

Underground Drains- A pipe that connects to the end of your downspout and then disappears underground carrying rainwater far away from your home. We offer underground drain installation with the purchase of gutters or gutter guards.

Silent Spout®- An exclusive product designed by the same team as Advantage Gutter Guard. Silent Spout has been proven to reduce downspout noise by 50%. Our customers certainly notice a difference!


Why Choose Gutter Cover KC for Gutter Guard Protection in Leawood?

We are a local and family-owned company that excels in customer service. We have 20+ years of experience taking care of homeowners so you know you can trust that we’ll be there for you.

Because we love Leawood and our planet we recycle old guttering materials and all our new installs are made with recyclable materials. Also, all our products are manufactured locally.

Check out our amazing reviews and then see for yourself why we’re Leawood’s #1 choice for guttering and gutter protection!

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“From start to finish, my husband and I were impressed with everyone! So very professional, but very friendly.” -Sandra

“We live in an area that has large, mature trees. If we didn’t keep up with cleaning out our gutters, we would experience seeping/leakage in our basement. Approximately 7 years ago we had Gutter Cover install their gutter cover system. That whole experience was seamless. We have not had any issues since. And there is no need to clean our gutters anymore, other than a very small amount of regular maintenance. Our experience with Gutter Cover has been amazing. 5 Star Rating, A1 service! Thank you Gutter Cover.” -Jennifer

How Much Do Leawood Gutter Guards Cost?

While it’s impossible to give you an estimate for gutter guards without seeing your home, there are some factors that can affect the price. For example, the linear feet of the home, the amount of inside and outside corners, the condition of the existing gutters, and any additional difficulties such as how many stories the home has.

We can guarantee you that the value you receive will outweigh the costs. This product is an investment into your home and helps protect it from wet basements, foundation issues, and landscaping woes. This one purchase can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

“We just had Gutter Cover KC install new gutters on our home. What a great company. They are informative, affordable, the company stand behind their product and workmanship.” -Diana

“We LOVE our gutter covers! When my husband suggested them I was hesitant because I felt they were not necessary. However not long after that our gutters got clogged and caused our basement to flood! It cost thousands to repair the damage that could have been prevented by gutter covers. We now have gutter covers and do not have to stress about cleaning them or worry about them overflowing. If your in the Kansas City area do yourself a favor and get gutter covers! They are a necessity! Highly recommend.” -Haley

What to Expect From A Gutter Guard Consultation

Our consultations are completely free and educational. Our consultant will perform a thorough evaluation of your guttering system to determine if it is in good condition and doing the job of directing water away from your home. He will then create a custom plan for your home. His goal is to to create long-term solutions for your guttering or water control issues. Then, he will provide you with an estimate that you can accept at your convenience. We never use high-pressure sales tactics and we always give you the best price the first time. No gimmicks. 

Too busy for a consultation? No problem! We offer consultations through video conference such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype or through the phone. We do our best to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

“I got a few bids from other companies and appreciated that Gutter Cover didn’t use pressure sales tactics to rush us into a decision. They educated us on why their product was excellent quality, how it worked, and what issues it would solve on our home.” -Shannon

Ready to schedule your free consultation? Fill out our brief online request and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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