The Need for Leaf Guards in Roeland Park

Any established community such as Roeland Park will see the need for leaf guards.  Older communities will have bigger trees causing many leaves and debris to fill up the gutters.  Gutter Cover of Kansas City offers the best leaf guard on the market in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Installing our gutter protection will protect the homes in Roeland Park from the damaging effects of overflowing gutters.

When gutters overflow homeowners face the potential of foundation issues and water in the basement which could lead to mold growing inside the home.  We all know how insidious mold can be – not only costly in removing the problem but also hazardous to one’s health.  Why run the risk when our leaf guard system can prevent such issues and more.  Advantage Gutter Guard™ is guaranteed not to clog and adds a beautiful finished look to the gutter system.

Features of Advantage Gutter Guard™ leaf guard system to protect your Roeland Park home:
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Leaf guard cover that is engineered to reinforce and strengthen the gutter system
  • Patented cover and bracket system that is solid metal and rust free
  • Free estimate that includes a 23-point inspection of your gutters
  • Award-winning service

Are you ready to get off the ladder and quit cleaning your gutters several times a year?   Like many other homeowners in Roeland Park, you too can enjoy year-round peace of mind that your gutters are protected when you install our leaf guard system, Advantage Gutter Guard™.  Please call our office at 816-246-7881 to schedule your appointment.