Protect the gutters and homes of Shawnee, KS

Shawnee, KS’s primarily suburban community within the Kansas City metro area, often has lush vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and grass, which can contribute to the accumulation of debris in gutters. How can Shawnee homeowners protect their homes? One simple solution is our patented technology with Gutter Cover Kansas City’s® Advantage Gutter Guard®. This is a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum or copper gutter guard that is made for homes in Shawnee, KS.

Key benefits of choosing Gutter Cover Kansas City® For Your Shawnee Homeowners.

  1. Innovative Gutter Defense: Our state-of-the-art Advantage Gutter Guard® crafted from top-quality heavy-gauge aluminum or copper guarantees Shawnee homeowners a robust shield against debris, ensuring immaculate gutters and exceptional protection.
  2. Custom Solutions for Shawnee Dwellings: Acknowledging the unique architecture and foliage surrounding Shawnee residences, Gutter Cover KC provides trusted gutter solutions specifically engineered to combat challenges prevalent in this environment.
  3. Long-Standing Expertise and Dedication: With over 20+ years devoted to serving Shawnee with unparalleled dedication, Gutter Cover KC has earned a stellar reputation, consistently delighting homeowners.
  4. Thorough Evaluation and Educational Insights: Our comprehensive 21-point inspections not only uncover underlying issues but also empower homeowners with valuable insights to prevent potential damage, ensuring tailor-made resolutions.
  5. Skilled Craftsmanship and Transparent Pricing: Our adept technicians undergo continuous training, delivering efficient solutions for installation quality, and unobstructed gutters year-round. Emphasizing transparency, we offer upfront pricing and attractive financing options without sales pressure.
  6. Reliable All-Weather Protection: Advantage Gutter Guard® stands firm against Shanwee’s diverse weather conditions, effectively handling heavy rainstorms and snow accumulation for enduring protection.
  7. Versatility and Aesthetic Harmony: Available in a spectrum of 33 colors, Advantage Gutter Guard® seamlessly integrates with Shawnee’s gutter styles and architectural styles, ensuring both visual appeal and functionality.

The Right Gutter Guard Company

Looking for dependable, long-lasting gutter solutions for your Shawnee home? Reach out to Gutter Cover KC today for a personalized consultation and estimate. Experience our unmatched expertise, tailored solutions, and outstanding customer service, securing complete peace of mind for your guttering needs in Shawnee and its surrounding regions.



Why Shawnee Gutter Guards Are a Good Investment?

The city of Shawnee, KS was named Tree City USA in 1997 which is one of the reasons it is such a charming and quaint place to live. All those beautiful trees, though, mean gutter maintenance is a must. Advantage Gutter Guard® can provide worry-free maintenance for Shawnee homes.

Water is meant to flow through the gutters and exit through the downspout and away from the home. However, if debris in the gutters causes rainwater to overflow them, it not only looks bad but can cause some major issues to the foundation and can lead to water in the basement.

If you want to say “adios” to gutter cleaning the most effective leaf guard system in the Shawnee, KS and greater Kansas City metropolitan area by far is Advantage Gutter Guard®.


We have a 5 Star Reputation!

Gutter Cover Kansas City® is a family-owned local gutter services company, with 20+ years of experience.  Check out our online reviews and compare them with other gutter guard companies.

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What Is Advantage Gutter Guard®?

Advantage Gutter Guard® is a solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter cover that extends slightly past the edge of the gutters. This means that no debris, whether big or small, can enter the gutters. So how does the water get in? Utilizing the principle of surface tension, rainwater is pulled in a reverse curve direction into the gutters even in the heaviest of rains.

It is a highly superior design when you compare it to other gutter covers on the market.

The most common designs available are screens, filters, and sponges, however, these often come with high maintenance requirements to keep them functioning properly.

For example, gutter screens consist of a metal net that lay over the top of the gutters blocking out large debris, however, dirt, seeds, pine needles and smaller leaves have no trouble getting in. You will still need to perform a gutter cleaning and now your gutter screens will need to be cleaned out a couple times a year as well.

Gutter filters are gutter covers that feature micro mesh guards that not only keeps fall leaves out, but also seeds. Over time, though, the fine filter clogs with tree sap, dirt, oak tassels, and other small debris. Once clogged, the water is forced to run over the gutters. To maintain gutter filters, it is essential to give them a good scrub a couple of times a year.

Gutter sponges/foam prevent large debris from entering your gutter system, however, dirt and small debris can slowly trickle down into the sponge. Because of this, sponges will get clogs and need to be replaced eventually. They will also need to be removed in the winter due to the freezing temperatures in the Shawnee, KS area.

Advantage Gutter Guard®, though, is so effective it comes with a guarantee that your gutters won’t clog- ever!

In fact, if your gutters do clog, we’ll come out and clean them for you for free. Say goodbye to gutter cleaning!

“Approximately 7 years ago we had Gutter Cover install their gutter cover system. That whole experience was seamless. We have not had any issues since. And there is no need to clean our gutters anymore, other than a very small amount of regular maintenance. Our experience with Gutter Cover has been amazing.” -Jennifer

Common Shawnee Kansas Gutter Issues We Solve

Soil Erosion– Water dumping around a house can cause soil erosion and landscaping problems. We can help in solving this problem by controlling rainwater and directing it away from the house.

Clogged Gutters– Gutters can clog with just a handful of debris, but can cause a lot of damage such as wood rot and foundation issues. We solve this problem by preventing debris from entering your gutters in the first place by installing our gutter guards.

rain-overflowing-gutter- we-can-solve-this-issue

Undersized Gutters- If gutters are too small, they won’t be equipped to handle those big Shawnee rainstorms. We solve this by taking your roof measurements into consideration when recommending new gutters.

Ladders- Most of us have heard a story of someone falling off a ladder and injuring themself. We take away this fear by doing the ladder work for you with our professional installation team which has been trained in ladder safety.

Gutter Products Offered in Shawnee Kansas

kansas-city-leaf-guard      halfround-gutter-serivce-in-kansas-city      seamless-gutter-service-in-kc      kansas-city-seamless-copper-gutter-service      soffit-and-fascia-repair-service-in-kc      underground-drain-service-in-kc      wood-rot-repair-in-kc

Advantage Gutter Guard®

A completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum GUTTER GUARD that utilizes surface tension to direct rainwater into the gutter. It is your permanent gutter system solution that includes a Lifetime Warranty that your gutters will never clog so you can send gutter cleaning packing. Third-party tested to handle 3x the water volume of a typical Midwest rainstorm. It is available in 33 colors and COPPER to ensure it will blend beautifully with your roof and gutters. Shawnee homes deserve the best! ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD ® is also patented and designed to work with half-round gutters.

Gutter Installation

Seamless K-Style Gutters

Sometimes called Ogee Style, this gutter shape is a classic standard. With a decorative curve on the gutter face, it looks like crown molding on the edge of the roof. Our K-STYLE GUTTERS are available in 34 colors. We install top-of-the-line, sturdy materials that are rust proof.

Seamless Half-Round Gutters

Step up your curb appeal with half-round gutters. They offer a unique way to add style to your home’s exterior. We are proud to install high-quality, 6-inch, seamless, HALF-ROUND GUTTERS.

Our half-round gutters are available in heavy gauge aluminum with 34 color options or copper gutters.

Seamless Copper Gutters

Also available in K Style or Half Round Design – our luxurious COPPER gutters are 6-inch in size and seamless.

Underground Drains

Underground drains help get water away from your home. We offer underground drain installation with the purchase of gutters or gutter guards. An UNDERGROUND DRAIN is a pipe that connects to the end of your downspout and then disappears underground carrying damaging rainwater far away from your home.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

If you have peeling paint or cracked wood on your soffit and fascia we have a low-maintenance, long-term solution. We provide the best brands for SOFFIT AND FASCIA repair in the business, so you can choose the soffit and fascia style that will not only complement your Shawnee, KS home’s appearance, but it will also protect your biggest investment- your home.

Wood Rot Repair

Gutter Cover Kansas City® has been repairing rotten fascia, soffit, and some siding since 2001.  We have refined the WOOD ROT REPAIR process over the years by priming cedar fascia and the matching soffit material in our climate-controlled shop, so the primer cures completely before installation.

Our skilled technicians have the tools and the skills necessary so you can be confident that not only will the repair look good, but it will stand the test of time.

Quiet Downspouts

Silent Spout is an exclusive product designed by the same team as Advantage Gutter Guard®. Proven to REDUCE DOWNSPOUT RAIN NOISE by 50%. Our customers have certainly noticed the difference! Silent Spout® is a revolutionary downspout that is dramatically quieter than the traditional downspout – while keeping the same look, function, and high-quality materials. This means it can be added seamlessly to an existing guttering system, regardless of style or color.

Shawnee Gutter Guard Consultation

Our CONSULTATIONS are free, educational, and informative. Our Consultants first perform a detailed inspection of your current guttering system as well as take measurements of the linear feet of your home. This allows them to identify any issues and even take pictures of problem areas to show you. They then create a custom plan for your home based on your rainwater management needs.

Next, they explain the custom solutions to you and even demonstrate our patented gutter cover technology. Lastly, they provide you with an exact estimate for your home that you can accept at your convenience. Our consultants never use high-pressure sales tactics or bogus deals. We give each homeowner the best price every time.

Unable to be present for a consultation? While we do prefer you be present for your consultation in order to clearly show you your guttering needs, we do offer consultations through the phone or video conferencing platforms if that’s not possible.

“I was impressed with The Gutter Cover company from the very beginning. Their sales representative was very professional and didn’t come on with a hard sell. He explained everything very thoroughly and I was confident that this was a good product.” -Candice

“I got a few bids from other companies and appreciated that Gutter Cover didn’t use pressure sales tactics to rush us into a decision. They educated us on why their product was of excellent quality, how it worked, and what issues it would solve on our home. He was also the only salesman of the three companies that followed up with me after the initial bid and even sent a handwritten thank you note!” -Shannon

Get Peace of Mind for your Home in Shawnee

Shawnee has experienced significant residential development over the years. As more families move into the area and homeowners invest in their properties, the demand for effective gutter solutions increases. Gutter guard installation provides an added layer of protection for homes, helping to prevent water damage and preserve property values.

Our highly-trained team of rainwater experts will make sure you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. Contact Gutter Cover KC® for your free inspection and pricing consultation to find the solution for all your gutter needs.

We service the entire KC Metro area including cities near your neighborhood:

Comments from Shawnne gutter guard customers

“The young man who did the installation was prompt, courteous, efficient, and very professional. Looks great! What a treat to have gutters that won’t clog!” -Branscum

“You guys gave us the best bang for our buck! The installers did a great job and even fixed a gutter that had come loose. From the estimate to the install, they did great.” -Herber

“Everyone we worked with during this process was very kind and courteous. They explained why they installed the gutters and how it would help with run off from our roof.” -Kindel