Best Gutter Guard for Warrensburg Homeowners

Warrensburg is the county seat of Johnson County, Missouri, and lies 60 miles east of the Kansas City metro.  With the multitude of mature trees, a number of homeowners have installed a leaf guard system to protect their gutters.  This leaf guard is better known as Advantage Gutter Guard®.

While we love the beauty of our trees and how they play a key role in the environment, we have to suffer the consequences of falling leaves clogging the gutter systems.  When leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutter system it can have a very DETRIMENTAL effect on the home.  If the gutters are not kept clean, water can overflow damaging the home.  So how do you protect your gutters without spending hours every year on gutter cleaning?

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Our leaf guard, Advantage Gutter Guard®, prevents leaves and any other debris from filling up the gutter. 

Unique and innovative design: Being a SOLID ALUMINUM COVER, it has a small opening that allows the water to flow in but keeps everything else out.  It is guaranteed not to clog.  As a result, this leaf guard will become your home’s best friend. Why? We are the only gutter guard company that offers Advantage Gutter Guard®. Our design is patented technology and was designed to address the shortcomings of other leaf guards. Our product uses the principle of surface tension to keep debris out and keep water flowing freely in your gutter. 

Complements your home’s aesthetics: In addition to protecting your home, our gutter protection will complement your home, not detract in any way.  It provides a finished look to the roof and gutter system. Also,it is available in a variety of colors that will match the exterior of the home.  The low profile design causes it to blend in – making it almost invisible.

Gutter services company you can trust

Gutter guard companies come and go but not Gutter Cover KC. We have weathered all kinds of storms and are still going strong. With 20+ years of experience in Warrensburg, we are the gutter services professional you need for your home. To learn more about how you can benefit from the best leaf guard on the market, Advantage Gutter Guard®, please call our office at 816-246-7881 to make an appointment.  Or get a free estimate, that includes a 21-point inspection of your existing gutters.

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Testimonials from satisfied customers in or near Warrensburg 

Carmer Family of Raytown, MO

“We are very pleased with the salesperson and the no pressure atmosphere they create. Tom the installer went about his business as a professional. They look great!”

C. Knowles, Blue Springs, MO

“We were so pleased with the professional & friendly personnel.  They did a wonderful job adding gutters to our gazebo.  Not long after they finished we had a thunderstorm with a very hard rain. The gutters did just as we wanted.  There were no leaks & no pools of water.  It worked just as we were hoping.  THANK YOU!”

R. Cospelich, Blue Springs, MO

“Wonderful experience with Gutter Cover. I received everything that was promised. Great product, professional installers all completed in timely and neat manner. I have been recommending them to everyone I know. So happy with outcome. I’m a disabled Navy Veteran and they went way above and beyond and worked with me to make it happen. Thanks Bobby, Tyler, Jake and office staff!”


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See our customer testimonials on why ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® IS THE TOP-RATED GUTTER GUARD IN KANSAS CITY. Join our customers in improving your home’s defense with superior leaf guard protection. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to lasting peace of mind.

Gutter problems unique to Warrensburg, MO

Gutter damage from heavy rainfall and snowstorms

Warrensburg, like many places around Kansas City and Missouri, receives large volumes of rain and snow. Inferior gutter materials cannot handle the weight of the rain and snow and inevitably begin to break. Sectional gutters found on older homes are not as strong as seamless gutters because they still have joints and these gutters are also more prone to breakage because they cannot support big volumes of rain and snow. Homeowners now have to deal with gutter replacement and the costs start to pile. 

Gutter Cover KC solves this problem with a new gutter installation (seamless). To complement and strengthen new gutters we install our premium gutter guard product – Advantage Gutter Guard®. It has been third-party tested to handle 3x the volume of a typical mid-western rainstorm. It can handle 122 lbs. of pressure per linear foot! To put that into perspective, it can support 4 feet of solid ice, or 12 feet of snow stacked on top of it.

Full List of Products For Our Warrensburg Clients

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FAQS for Gutter Guards in Warrensburg, MO

Why does Gutter Cover KC not recommend traditional gutter guards?

We have been around for 20+ years and during this time we’ve observed the shortcomings of the following gutter guards:

  • Brush guards
  • Foam guards
  • Mesh and micro mesh guards
  • Screen guards

We know that these guards are effective up to a point but that they actually add to cleaning and maintenance work. We designed a product that does away with all of this fuss. Advantage Gutter Guard® is a solid-gauge aluminum gutter guard that hardly ever needs attention. Just spray it down with a garden hose once or twice a year. 

Are gutter guards worth it?

Yes, quality gutter guards like Advantage Gutter Guard® can significantly reduce and even eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning by blocking debris. The investment you make in our product will bring you peace of mind for a lifetime. We are so sure of this that we back up our claim with a lifetime ‘no-clog’ warranty. 

Will Advantage Gutter Guard® rust?

No. Our product is made of superior gutter material such as aluminum or copper. That makes it rust proof and mold proof. It also makes it durable and long-lasting. The quality of the product remains high over it’s lifetime. 

Does Gutter Cover KC install gutters?

Yes, we install gutters as well as our silent downspout product. We install seamless gutters such as k-type and half-round gutters. All our gutter accessories such as the brackets are aluminum or copper to ensure the highest quality of the gutter installation.