NARI Radio Show on The Importance of Gutters

NARI Brings Professionalism To Remolding

NARI is the Nations Association of the Remolding Industry.

Kansas City NARI is the premier resource for the remodeling industry and its consumers. Therefore, as re-modelers its important to be part of this organization to allow customers to find Gutter Cover Kansas City®’s business.

Their Motto is Business built together.  And that is exactly what they help with. Along with many other things, they provide education, offer certification programs, and create public awareness for businesses. Furthermore, they encourage business relationships as well as help build on to them.

The purpose of this organization is to bring professionalism to the remodeling industry and educate consumers. So in return, they make informed decisions with outstanding companies that serve the Kansas City market. As a result, their goal is to help homeowners find the right professional partner for their specific remodeling project. Being a member of NARI means that the business is dedicated to remodeling. Every member goes through an extensive screening process and is required to follow a strict Code of Ethics.

Below was a special opportunity for Gutter Cover Kansas City® to do a radio show.

We are honored to be part of this organization and loved the opportunity to educate others about the importance of properly functioning gutter systems.