Best Leaf Guard For Fall Leaves

What is the Best Leaf Guard For Fall? Fall is the season most of us start thinking about gutter guards. Each home owner might meet with different debris culprits. So whether your Fall involves lots of leaves, sticks, pine needles, pine cones, acorns or all of the above, you need a gutter guard that will…

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Gutter Covers That Work By Neil Smith – KC CHIEF’s Hall-of-Famer

Gutter Cover Kansas City™ Provides A Gutter Guard That Works. Advantage Gutter Guard® works for all seasons and debris Kansas City weather throws at it. Whether it’s fall leaves, spring whirlybirds, acorns, bird nests, pine cones, oak tassels, and of course the KC thunderstorms that can drop a large amount of rain quickly; Our gutter…

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Copper Gutter Installation in Shawnee, KS

Beautiful Shawnee, KS Home With Copper Gutter Installed. Do you live in Shawnee, KS, and dream about installing copper gutters? You’re not alone. Check out our recent Shawnee KS Copper Gutter Installation. We installed 6-inch copper gutters this Spring. The customer’s goal for replacing aluminum gutters with copper? To brighten the front of the home….

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Gutter Replacement

What’s The Best Company For Replacement Gutters? Gutter Cover KC is known for Advantage Gutter Guard ®. But what if you are just looking to replace gutters? Is Gutter Cover Kansas City any different than other guttering companies? Does it matter who installs your gutters? Notice what the experts at HGTV say in their blog…

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How to Keep Bird Nests Out of the Gutter

Do you get bird nests in your gutters? We can prevent birds from building nests in your gutters by installing our solid gutter guard Advantage Gutter Guard ®. It is completely solid, and slightly angled so nesting material slides right off. The birds will decide there’s a much better location for their home elsewhere. The…

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Keep Whirlybirds Out Of Gutters

    Having trouble keeping whirlybirds out of your gutter? You’re not alone, many homeowners deal with this every year. If you are ready to end your whirlybird issue and never want to worry about cleaning your gutters again, start your free no-pressure estimate today. Finding The Solution For Whirlybirds in the Gutters Whirlybirds are…

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Clogged Gutters Cost Time & Money

Clogged gutters tend to be the root of many chronic issues for a home. Why? Gutters are like the immune system of a home – but instead of bacteria and viruses, gutters protect the home from water damage. Rainwater is one of the biggest threats to the health of a home – and its inhabitants….

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is finally here…we hope! After a record-breaking cold winter, Kansas City is ready for Spring. Learn how to get your home and gutters ready for Spring. Why Should My Home Be Prepared for Heavy Spring Rains? Spring rains should feel restorative. But if our homes aren’t ready it could be devastating. Unprepared homes may…

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Advantage Gutter Guard® is Highly Awarded

Are you looking for a gutter guard that can prove its value? We are proud to share some of the more recent awards Gutter Cover Kansas City ™ has won with its product Advantage Gutter Guard®. Angi’s List Super Service Award 2021 Angi’s List recognized Gutter Cover Kansas City ™ for exemplary customer service. We’ve…

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Heat Cables: Should I Put Them On My Home?

The primary purpose of heat cables/heat tape is to prevent ice dams and create the opportunity to drain melting snow away from the home. Heat cables are an electric heating cord typically installed along the edge of a roofline and through the gutter. Heat cables can certainly help a home that struggles with ice dams….

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You Might Also Wonder

What Causes Icicles?

Most of the time, icicles are a result of ice dams. An ice dam occurs when the snow and ice on the central portion of the roof melts, while the perimeter of the roof stays frozen. As the water from snow and ice run down the roof, they refreeze at the edge causing icicles and other problems. The source of the ice dam is usually insufficient insulation in the attic. To learn more check out our blog: Ice Dams Cause Damage to KC Homes

How Can I Tell If My Gutters Are Sloped Properly?

The easiest way to check your guttering slope is to run water through clean gutters and downspouts to see if it drains easily. Getting the slope right can be tricky, so if you discover you need to re-slope your gutters, we recommend calling professionals.

Why Do Gutters Fall Off?

Typically gutters fall off homes when stagnant water freezes in the gutter. This adds a lot of weight for extended periods of time. To prevent excessive weight on your gutters make sure they are clean and properly sloped. Learn more about how to prepare you gutters for winter.