November Featured Customer

Customer Terrie      Terrie Ramsey

Terrie was kind enough to share her experience with our company and let us take her picture.  Our hearts go out to her as she is experiencing serious health issues.   We wish her a quick recovery!  

terri_house (1)

Terrie has quite a history with Gutter Cover of Kansas City.  A few years back Terrie noticed some of her trees had grown up and her gutters at this time had no protection on them. She was tired of having to climb a ladder to be able to clean out her gutters.  We installed The Gutter Cover in May of 2007. We also replaced some smaller downspouts with bigger ones, to increase the rain capacity of her guttering system.  This is an important aspect of our service – making needed repairs and adjustments to the existing guttering before installation of The Gutter Cover.  It’s important the guttering system be working properly first, in order for the gutter protection to be effective.  This involves cleaning, sealing, resloping, and tightening the existing gutter – all part of our installation service.  We want the guttering to be in complete working order and then we can make it clog-free with The Gutter Cover System.  For Terrie, she has had seven years of guaranteed, clog-free gutter protection.

Terrie and House

Another improvement we were able to make to Terrie’s guttering system was to extend a downspout into a lower gutter, that had been draining directly onto her roof.  This prevents huge amounts of water pouring straight onto the roof.  (See picture below).



 An additional photo we chose to feature shows the attractive design of the gutter cover used on Terrie's house. The gutter protection features a low profile design that blends right into her roof-line.

close up of gutter covers attractive design.


Terrie’s story doesn't end here.  She recently needed a new roof due to hail damage.  How did this affect her installation of The Gutter Cover?  What happens to The Gutter Cover if there is hail? What happens if the roof needs to be replaced?  Stay tuned, we will address these issues in next week’s blog.