Prepare Now for the Coming Rains

Last night’s weather made it clear that changes are coming – through we hope not as severe as the high winds and tornadoes that tore through the Midwest.  Gary Lezak of KSHB NBC Action News forecast what he anticipates the weather will be in April and May.  Gary expects the first part of April to be calm leading into a more active weather pattern with chances of severe weather in the middle of the month.  He also predicts that this active weather pattern will continue through May resulting in a very wet month. (For more information go to his blog at

Now is the time to get your gutters in shape to protect them and your home from the onslaught of rain.  Also to prevent the wind from blowing leaves, seeds or sticks into the gutters resulting in clogs and overflowing gutters.  As water continues to run over the gutters it can result in wood rot and seep through foundation walls.

You can best protect your home and gutters by installing our gutter protection which allows water to flow freely through the gutters, downspouts and away from the foundation.  Installing Advantage Gutter Guard® will also relieve you of all the hassle and trouble of keeping the gutters clean.  Advantage Gutter Guard® is affordable and will enhance the beauty of your home while protecting it for years to come.