Preparing Your Rain Barrel for Winter

It’s that time of year, temperatures dropping, cold winds blowing, and water freezing – yes it’s time to winterize your rain barrels.  In our area where temperatures regularly drop and stay below freezing  for periods of time, it is necessary to winterize rain barrels to prolong their life.  We know what will happen if water is allowed to remain in the barrel during periods of cold, it will freeze, expand and crack the rain barrel.

Simple Steps to Winterize                                                                                                                  Rain Barrel

  •         Winterize when temperatures are below 41⁰ Fahrenheit.
  •         Disconnect the hose from the barrel (not the downspout).  Tie the hose to the downspout above the water diverter.
  •         Turn the rain barrel upside down and drain all water from the barrel.

It’s suggested that if you have room it would be best to store the rain barrel in a garage or shed.  If left outside it could be blown by a strong wind – depending on where your rain barrel is located you may have to retrieve it from the neighbor’s yard or in the street.  It could be stored under stairs, deck or a sheltered area of the yard to be kept secured.

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