What Happens If I Have a Problem with My Gutter Guard?

If you have a problem with Advantage Gutter Guard ® we will take care of it. How can you trust our promise?

Advantage Gutter Guard® has a lifetime guarantee that your gutters will never clog again. But we don’t want you to take this promise as mere words. We want to provide you with evidence that any problem you have with your gutter guard will be eliminated.

Some reasons to trust our lifetime guarantee:
  1. 20+ years of business in KC
  2. Reputation: BBB, Angie’s List Super Service Awards, Google Reviews, etc.
  3. The quality design of the product itself
  4. The people behind the Advantage Gutter Guard®

In this article, we are going to delve deeper into the people who support the life time guarantee.

In previous articles, we have discussed how our Office Manager backs the Life Time Warranty, and how our Production Manager works directly with installers to make sure the job is done right.

Still, you may be wondering a number of “What if’s? What if I do have a problem with my gutter guard, what then?”

Today we would like to introduce you to the man who will address any of the “What if’s” that could come your way.

A Quality Control Manager Dedicated to Finding Solutions to Your Guttering Problems

Zach – Gutter Cover KC’s Quality Control Manager

His role is to:

1. Inspect completed installations.

2. Identify areas where additional training for installers is needed.

3. Create solutions when an installation challenge arises.

4. Address any guttering or gutter guard problems that may come up in the years that the Advantage Gutter Guard® is on a home.

What Make’s Zach Ideal For Quality Control?

Values Quality Over Quantity

“He pictures the job and thinks about how he would want it to look if it was his house.”- Debbie Zentz, Gutter Cover KC Office Manager

“Zach is in a perfect role as our quality control manager because quality is extremely important to him, it’s like it is part of his being. He truly cannot tolerate something to be subpar.

One aspect of his role is to perform random quality checks after a job is finished. He ensures the work being done is being done right. This allows him to see if additional training might be needed, helping us keep our high standard of professional craftsmanship.

What I truly appreciate about Zach is he is willing to speak up to ensure quality is being achieved.” – Pam Stacye CO-CEO Gutter Cover Kansas City

When it comes to training Debbie explains, that if “he sees a re-ocurring issue, he uses this to train all technicians in the proper way of handling certain aspects of the job…He especially likes to lead the young employees in the right direction with both work ethic and quality of work.”

In discussing Gutter Cover KC and the Advantage Gutter Guard® Zach reflects, “I appreciate that the company values its employees and prefers quality over quantity. It is nice to be a part of a business that values it’s reputation and yet, doesn’t take itself so seriously that you can’t enjoy your work.”

Skilled and Detailed Craftsman

“Zach has a very broad knowledge of the construction industry and is a very skilled carpenter. The combination of knowledge and skill makes him extremely valuable as a Quality Control Manager, but also as someone who can get creative and help the company with new projects and ideas as needed.” – Steve Purvis Project Manager

“As an experienced carpenter, Zach can meet many needs. Not only does help train our technicians, he knows what needs to be done to repair rotted wood caused by clogged or overflowing guttering and other issues we solve while on the job. He can come up with solutions in unusual situations.” – Pam Stacye CEO

“Zach is a very detail oriented person. He uses his well rounded knowledge to train others.” – Debbie Zentz, Office Manager Gutter Cover KC

“Zach was wonderful! I was so impressed with the work that he did in the detail that he focused on completing while he was on site. I’m totally pleased and very happy with everything Gutter Cover helped out to complete on this project.“ – Jon Ellis Gutter Cover KC Customer

“Zach is fantastic at his job – He is organized and detailed.” – Doug Stacye Co-CEO Gutter Cover Kansas City

“Zach is a good worker. He is detailed in his notes on what work he did, and he can help you to understand why it will solve the issue. I always trust that Zach knows what he is doing.” – Megan Hespe, Media Manager

Your Happiness = Zach’s Happiness

Pam Stacye, Co-CEO of Gutter Cover KC says, “Zach works with our customers to address their concerns with the goal to solve the problem. He truly cares and wants to help homeowners solve the problems caused by clogged or poorly performing gutters. If a service issue comes along, he will be there to correct it, and he only believes in doing it right. We have confidence to place the concerns of our customers in his hands, because he doesn’t just go to work to make money, he goes to work to make a difference. He believes in protecting homeowners by keeping water where it belongs.”

Zach explains “I enjoy hearing from homeowners just how much they like our gutters and covers. There is a sense of satisfaction in hearing that our product has solved a problem for them, many times saving them from a much costlier problem.”

Excellent Communicator

“We were very impressed by the willingness and professionalism of your installers to tell us what they were doing and why, as well as assurance that they would return if we had any problems. Efficient and personable.” – John Jacobs Gutter Cover KC customer

“He has a lot of patience when communicating with others, which is beneficial for both those who work with him and the homeowners we serve.” – Steve Purvis Project Manager

Zach “loves to help other team members. What I appreciate is his manor of working with others when something needs to be improved on he talks to the individual privately showing them why a change is important and how to do it. He is friendly and enjoyable to be around!” – Doug Stacye CEO

“Zach is a good communicator and can often explain things in a simplified way that is makes it easier for someone not as well acquainted with his industry to understand the matter clearly.” – Steve Purvis Project Manager

First-Hand Experience with Covers

Zach tells us, “I installed covers on my home about 5 years ago, and since my house is surrounded by lots of trees, it has saved me from having to clean out my gutters half a dozen times a year. They have also helped solve the water problem I was having in my basement. The product truly works! I think it also gives the house a clean, finished look and adds value.”

Peace of Mind From Guttering and Gutter Guard Problems

Gutter Cover Kansas City is proud to have a Quality Control Manager that cares so much about quality and customer satisfaction. He never wants anyone to experience the frustrations of gutter problems – or much worse gutter guard problems! He will work hard to make sure our customers are freed from an experience of such frustration.

We hope that introducing Zach has provided peace of mind knowing that all of the “what if’s…” are in good hands.

If you’ve yet to meet any of the Gutter Cover Kansas City team – give them a chance by scheduling an estimate. We are certain that you will be pleasantly surprised by their knowledge, professionalism, honesty and interest in caring for your home.

Still Have Questions?

Maybe you are still wondering about the efficacy of the Advantage Gutter Guard®. Or you might be thinking that a gutter guard is more of a luxury than a need.

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