How to Protect The Gutter Cover When Getting a New Roof

Every year we receive calls from homeowners needing repairs to gutter protection. The reason? They have allowed roofers to remove and reinstall it making the cover useless. Unfortunately, this voids our warranty.  Only an experienced installer of Advantage Gutter Guard® is authorized to remove and reinstall the cover to ensure that it works properly.  As stated in our warranty, “Gutter Cover of Kansas City does not Warrant, and will not be responsible for any costs, defects, or damage with respect to the installation, removal, repair, or re-installation of any Advantage Gutter Guard® products or components performed by anyone other than an authorized representative of Gutter Cover of Kansas City”.

So why do people allow roofers to remove and re-install Advantage Gutter Guard®?

Many have been misled by roofers who say ‘We will replace your Gutter Cover, Leaf Guard, Gutter Topper or Gutter Helmet.’ Giving the impression they have access to the product on your home – keeping the warranty intact.

A reputable roofer would willingly protect your interests and allow you, the homeowner, to schedule the removal of the covers by Gutter Cover Kansas City.  This demonstrates the type of company they are – one that is trustworthy and stands behind their work. On the contrary, a roofing company insistent on removing Advantage Gutter Guard® themselves has only one objective: get a job done as fast as possible, and collect the money. It has been our experience that such a roofer will rarely compensate the homeowner for destroying the gutter guard on a house. This is certainly not the kind of service our customers deserve.

How can you find a roofing contractor you can trust?

Here are some tips:

            Ask for Recommendations – Ask neighbors and friends or local businesses that work with roofing contractors such as a building supply company.

            Contact the Better Business Bureau– An organization designed to protect homeowners. This is an excellent source to find trustworthy, skilled, customer service-oriented companies. You can use their website to find out about roofing companies in 2 different ways.           

1.  Search for “roofers” and put in your zip code.  This will bring up the most reputable roofers in the area.

2.  If you already have a company in mind to use, search for their name.  They will provide you with background information on the company and will reveal if they have had any customer complaints.

            Call More than One Company for an Estimate – It is always recommended to compare at least 2-3 companies with similar products. This ensures you have reviewed your options, and are able to purchase exactly what you want for the best price.

            Get Everything in Writing – This includes the estimate, specific information about the roofing product and the work and payment schedule.

            Ask for Copy of Contractor’s Insurance Before Work Begins – This will protect you from workers making claims against you if they should get injured while working on your property.

            Pay for the Work in Increments – A reputable company will not ask for full payment up front.  Making a deposit of one third to one half of the total estimate is reasonable, paying the balance upon completion of the work.

We hope these tips will help our homeowners find a roofing company that will work according to their wishes and will install a beautiful, long-lasting roof. If you are considering re-roofing, please give us a call, we must uninstall Advantage Gutter Guard® before the roofers arrive to ensure the integrity of the gutter protection you are currently enjoying.