Protecting Basements from Water Infiltration

Protecting basements from water infiltration can be a challenge. 

Water can actually move through a solid concrete wall which may be due to runoff.  If rainwater or melted snow is not properly routed away from a house this can allow moisture/water to collect in the basement.

According to an article written by Myron Ferguson, owner of Ferguson Drywall Innovators, Inc., Middle Grove, NY, “Runoff percolates through porous topsoil and then stops at the compact soil near the base of the foundation.  Accumulated pressure forces the water through gaps or cracks in walls and footings.”  He suggests several options to solve runoff problems as follows:

  •         Proper Grade:  If the ground near the foundation slopes toward the house, you will need to grade the slope away from the house to move water away from the foundation.  Grade the slope at least 1 inch vertically for every 1 foot of horizontal for at least 4 feet.
  •         Permeable Materials:  Having fewer solid surfaces on the property near the house will reduce the likelihood of runoff water reaching the foundation where it could accumulate.
  •         Gutters:  Clean gutters and make sure they are sloping in the proper direction with no low sections.  Install an extension for the downspout to redirect the runoff away from the foundation.  A 4-foot extension would be ideal if space allows.

Here at Gutter Cover of Kansas City, we have seen the damage inflicted on homes due to clogged gutters and downspouts.  Wood rot and water seeping through foundation walls are common when gutters overflow.  And if gutters are not sloped properly, water can also leak into the basement in addition to running back into the house causing extensive damage to the upper levels of a home.

You can best protect your home by installing Advantage Gutter Guard® which keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters thus allowing water to flow freely through the gutter system and away from the foundation.  As your hometown gutter protection and water solution expert, Gutter Cover of Kansas City wants to help you protect your home.  Please call for a free, no-obligation estimate and we will evaluate your gutter system.  We can be contacted by calling 816-246-7881 or through our website at