Reduce Guttering Maintenance: Why it’s in the Best Interests of You and Your Home

Owning a home means non-stop maintenance.

Every homeowner knows that. But one type of maintenance carries with it higher level of risk than many – Gutter Cleaning. But why does this need to be done at all? What are our options? Why consider eliminating it altogether?

gutter maintenance chore

Gutter Maintenance: The Dangers of Ignoring

What overflowing gutters can do to your home:

Basement flooding

Foundation damage

Water damage

Landscape damage


Know Your Options

In Kansas City most homeowners have to clean their gutters 2-4 times a year on average. So know your options:

  1. Tackle Gutter Maintenance: Clean Yourself
  2. Delegate Gutter Maintenance: Hire Someone
  3. Reduce Gutter Maintenance: The Permanent Solution of a Gutter Guard

1) Tackle Gutter Maintenance: Clean Yourself

Time: This varies greatly depending on the home. Expect several hours per cleaning for your average Kansas City home.

Risk: This option puts you at the greatest risk of personal injury. If this must be done, please follow the guidelines in the article THE MUST-DO SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR CLEANING YOUR GUTTERS.

Money: Up front, nothing. If you fall or injure yourself this is the most expensive option of all.


2) Delegate Gutter Maintenance: Hire Someone

Time: It takes a lot of time and good scheduling to properly stay on top of this 2-4 times a year. Falling behind can lead to costly damage. This avenue takes commitment and consistency.

Risk: This largely depends on whom you hire. Make sure you can answer the following questions: Is the company reputable? Are they insured if they fall or injure themselves? Are they insured if they damage my property? Do they clean up after themselves when they are done? Is there a way for me to be certain they are fully cleaning my gutters each time?

Money: The average homeowner in Kansas City can expect to pay $125-$175 per cleaning. If done 2-4 times a year, it means between $250 and $700 a year, depending on frequency needed, the linear feet of your gutters and the shape and pitch of your roof.


3) Reduce Gutter Maintenance: The Permanent Solution of a Gutter Guard

Time: There is the initial investment in finding the right product for your trees and area. After that, most products come with some kind of a guarantee that your gutters will never clog, which means no more time spent on maintenance. Keep in mind though; a warranty is as good as the company who makes it. So make sure the company has an established reputation you’re willing to invest in.

Risk: Choosing the right product. There is an overwhelming amount of competitive and often contradicting information found online. Take time to do your research and be confident in your decision.

Money: There will be an initial investment in pursuing this option. This amount obviously will vary, depending on what you decide to invest in. However, in our experience, The Advantage Gutter Guard® system pays for itself within a few years when compared to gutter cleaning. That translates to thousands of dollars saved in the long run.

Why is investing in the permanent solution of eliminating gutter cleaning in the best interest of you and your home? It eliminates the dangers of overflowing gutters. It saves you the most time, has the lowest risk, and is ultimately the most cost-effective choice.

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