Royal Brown Gutter Guards in Prairie Village

The Beauty of Royal Brown Gutter Protection

This was a job completed earlier this month. The job took place on a beautiful ranch home in Prairie Village. This home is surrounded by beautiful mature trees that give great shade in the summer. However, come fall when the leaves start to fall they can be a nuisance. Now the homeowners can both enjoy the shade and rest assured that their gutters will clog free when fall is here!

Gutter cover installed on home in prairie village

This job was consisting of installing gutter, downspouts, as well as gutter guards. We installed white gutter, royal brown gutter cover, and top it all off Tara bronze downspouts.

royal brown gutter guards installed

Here at Gutter Cover Kansas City not only is the functionality of our gutter guard important but its appearance is too. We offer many different colors in gutter guards, gutter, and downspouts. Allowing our customers to choose exactly how they want their home to look. Some homeowners choose to match our gutter guards to the gutters, however, it’s more common to match the roof color. Matching the roof color allows the appearance of the gutter guard to blend right into the roof line. Making it look as tho nothing is even there. Depending on the homeowner, sometimes they prefer to not notice the cover; or they want to add additional accent the home by matching the guard to the gutters.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to customize your home’s gutter protection give us a call!