Gutter Cover Kansas City® Provides Safe Alternative to Gutter Cleaning

Homeowners getting hurt while trying to clean their gutters.

The staff at Gutter Cover Kansas City® often receives calls after homeowners have experienced a mishap cleaning their gutters, owner Doug Stacye said. 

“We did a large job installing gutter protection after a homeowner broke his back trying to clean his gutters,” he said.  “He was working from a ladder that was not on level ground.  When he reached over to clear a section of gutter in the corner, the center of balance changed causing the ladder to shift, and it fell, with him on it.” 

Stacye said accidents like this are not uncommon.   According to the Centers for Disease Control, 53 people die each year from ladder deaths, and more than 8,300 are injured.  Most ladder deaths are from falls of 10 feet or less.  Stacye does not want other Kansas City area residents to become a statistic. 

“To assist the public in cleaning gutters safely we have provided a couple of articles on our blog,” he said. 

One blog provides tips on cleaning gutters it explains the dos and don’ts on how to safely clean gutters. Another blog is a checklist of key elements to check for ladder safety.

A properly functioning gutter system is one of the most important systems on a home because it combats water damage to your homes, Stacye said.

“The most costly damage can be to your foundation as water collects and seeps into the foundation creating wet basements or crawl spaces,” he said.  “It also increases the chances of wall settlement and cracking.  Water damage to the foundation can cause high humidity, surface condensation, mold, mildew and musty odors which are damaging to your health.” 


Other issues that can result from water running down the home’s exterior are wood rot, water stains, cracking mortar, frequent painting and damage to landscaping. 

Stacye stated it is vital to prevent gutters from overflowing.

“The primary reason gutter systems fail is that they become clogged with tree debris and bird nests,” he said.  “Autumn is just around the corner so leaves and other debris will be falling into the gutters.”

 During the fall it may be necessary to clean out the gutters two or three times a week to allow rainwater to flow through the system rather than over the gutter.  Gutter Cover Kansas City® can help you say goodbye to the dangerous chore of maintaining clean gutters.  Advantage Gutter Guard® is an affordable gutter protection system, proven and guaranteed to end gutter cleaning, Stacye said. 

“It is an attractive solution that is virtually invisible and provides a trimmed appearance between the roof and the gutter,” he said.  “Advantage Gutter Guard® comes in a variety of colors and will work on any style roof including composition, wood shake, slate, concrete tile, stone-coated steel, and metal.”

Gutter Cover Kansas City serves the entire Kansas City Metropolitan area and is fully insured.  You can also check them out on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.  For more information about Advantage Gutter Guard®, visit  For a free gutter system assessment and an estimate for Advantage Gutter Guard®, call 816-246-7881 or 913-782-7760.

(This is a reprint of an article in The Kansas City Star Neighborhood News section dated 9/26/12