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Get the Best Gutter Guard for Fall Leaves, Pine Needles, Acorns & Gum Balls

advantage gutter guard is a solid cover which prevents pine needles, leaves, acorns, gum balls and pine cones



Advantage Gutter Guard ® is the best gutter cover to keep out pine-needles, acorns, and leaves because it was designed in Kansas City, for Kansas City trees and weather. Even squirrels will stay out of your gutters this year! It is the ultimate gutter protection solution for Fall – and really any other season!

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. Don’t spend it cleaning your gutters! Maximize your Fall by requesting a free estimate today!


Why Advantage Gutter Guard® Works for Fall Debris


Customer Interview

“It’s Been 3 Years & Our Gutters Are Perfect”

Jeff Montgomery (Kansas City Royal’s Hall of Fame)

Jeff Montgomery, Royals Hall-of-Famer had Advantage Gutter Guard® installed on his home 3 years ago. He met with Gutter Cover KC ™ because he has a lot of large trees around his home and he had a friend who was injured cleaning his gutters. It made him want to get his home taken care of permanently.



It REALLY Works! 5 Star Reputation


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Save Time & Meet With Our Consultants

For gutters to function properly, frequent gutter cleaning is a must in the Fall. Think about it – if there are leaves, pine needles and acorns piling up on the ground, they are also in your gutters. How many hours of perfect Fall weather do you want to waste with your hands deep in gutter goo?


Which Fall Activity Do You Choose?




Make the best use of your time, money, and the best two seasons of the year (can’t forget about Spring) by choosing a permanent solution to gutter cleaning. Once you do, you’ll be so relieved the terrible chore of gutter cleaning is off your shoulders forever.

More Customer Experiences


Customer-testimonial-with-fall-tree-background-testimonial-says-I-am-so-glad-that-my-husband-for-the-past-2-years-has-not-had-to-climb-a-ladder-and-clean-out-the-gutters-of-all-those-items-that-are-caught-in-them-I-don’t-hear-birds-or-squirrels-in-the-gutter-either-so-they-are-not-getting-blocked-up-like-we-have-had-in-the-past-with-the-water-spilling-over-the-top-due-to-the-nest-The-gutters-still-look-great-and-the-covers-still-work-like-they-are-suppose-to-Looking-forward-to-having-clean-gutters-for-years-to-come-and-my-husband-having-his-2-feet-remain-on-the-ground -Mrs.-McEwen


Ready to End Gutter Cleaning?


Fill out the form below for a customized plan for your home. It’s super easy and fast. Included: 21 point inspection, plan overview and estimate – takes about an hour. Once you have Advantage Gutter Guard ® on your home, you’ll never clean pine needles, leaves or acorns out of your gutters again.